Advanced Analytics For B2B Account-Based Marketing

August 31, 2020 |
Mikaela Alioto

Making the Most of B2B ABM Analytics

The B2B ad tech industry has largely championed the power of Account-Based Marketing (ABM); so much so, that the term is often used interchangeably with B2B. The conflation of the two terms is likely a result of blurring the standard idea of marketing to businesses (B2B) with the advanced technology and strategies required to achieve company-level targeting (ABM). AdDaptive’s sophisticated insights fuel our Account-Based Marketing, influencing every step of the ad campaign process. Our advanced analytics power targeting and elevate strategy informing campaign messaging. The result? Personalized ad campaigns that maximize engagement from “One-to-many” audiences to “One-to-one” accounts–AdDaptive’s signature advantage that consistently exceeds expectations.

Whether you are targeting a wide audience, specific vertical, or key accounts, reporting plays an important role in informing the strategy, targeting, and messaging of campaigns. Fill out the form below for a comprehensive look at how AdDaptive’s B2B ABM Analytics influence every stage of the marketing funnel: