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AdDaptive’s mission is to connect advertisers to their customers at scale with superior accuracy.

With accurate data, intelligent technology, and an expert team, we create innovative digital advertising solutions for the world’s biggest brands by reaching the accounts that matter the most with efficiency, precision and scale.

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Our Vision for the Future of Digital Advertising

AdDaptive is an engine that drives change. We’re motivated, strategic thinkers that aren’t just getting our work done — we’re building the future of digital advertising.

People and technology working together to solve digital advertising’s most pressing challenges

When we look at the future, we see a world where people and technology work together to reach new heights not previously possible. This mindset impacts everything we do, from gathering and analyzing data and driving advertising goals to providing world-class service to our clients. We’ve built the best team in the industry to work alongside the best technology, and the right balance of the two is how we’re able to provide the best outcomes in the market.

The pillars of our vision are as follows:

We challenge ourselves to grow and improve our skills, knowledge, perspectives, and capabilities, in a never-ending journey toward excellence.

We aim to diversify our cultural insights and widen our collective range of experiences, fostering a brave space for employees’ voices to be heard.

We leverage our strengths to fulfill market needs with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

We view our clients as teammates that inspire us to do better, work smarter, and reach goals more efficiently.

We are greater than the sum of our parts. When we align our efforts toward a shared goal, we can work together to achieve the unthinkable.


AdDaptive’s Core Values

We believe these values fuel the happiness of motivated people, challenging them to be better for themselves, for their teammates, and for our organization.


We are what we repeatedly do. Making excellence a habit keeps our team motivated to outdo ourselves each day.


Our need to solve the industry’s most prevalent problems energizes us and drives our competitive edge.


We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all operations, as it is a driving force of our internal culture. Every employee’s voice is heard, encouraged, and respected.


We celebrate the fact that we’ve built the best team in the industry by giving everyone a seat at the table. We value everyone on our team and strive to create an environment that reflects that.


Like vectors, our efforts have both a direction and a magnitude. When we work together in the same direction, our efforts are added to each other. The more aligned we are towards the same goals, the more successful we’ll be.


Working to improve our community illustrates our belief that everyone has the power to create more positive experiences and contribute to the greater good.

Join the Team

We love working with inspiring professionals who contribute brainpower and creativity to our constant innovation. Essentially, we find passionate people and motivate them to feel passionate about their work here. Our culture is engaging and empowering. We can’t wait to see what great strides our incredible team will make next.

We’re always looking for smart and talented people to join our team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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