Mirren Live 2024 Recap

May 23, 2024 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

The annual Mirren Live conference was held at the World Trade Center in New York City on May 7 & 8, once again with both live and virtual options to attend. Some of the best agencies in the advertising world gathered for two days to collaborate with industry innovators and solution providers and brainstorm how to fuel agency growth. This year’s conference had 30 sessions focused on topics ranging from formulating business strategy, to expanding your pipeline, increasing client ad spend, and much, much more.

AdDaptive was happy to sponsor and attend the event again in 2024. We had a booth and 3 on-site digital advertising specialists who were excited to discuss potential solutions for some of the challenges that agencies are currently facing in the industry.

Fueling agency growth

The overarching subject at Mirren Live 2024 was fueling agency growth in the form of new business and revenue streams. While client retention is always important, the key to growing agency revenue is securing new deals. Many of the sessions examined the various methods to generate and convert leads into new business, such as strategic alignment and focusing efforts towards more specific markets. Targeted digital advertising campaigns can help agencies achieve these goals accurately and efficiently.

Streamlining campaign targeting parameters may not have seemed as appealing in the past, but as the digital advertising industry continues to expand so does the amount of wasted ad spend. Specializing in certain vertical markets and targeting niche audiences is the best way to acquire new brand clients today, since specialized content is more likely to resonate with, and appeal to, the intended audience.

Strategic advertising and branding fosters new business

Strategy is the most important factor to consider when it comes to fueling business growth, especially as the digital advertising industry continues to evolve. Branding, both business-facing and customer-facing, needs to evolve in parallel. Building brand awareness is equally as important as increasing engagement metrics for many clients these days. Brand awareness is directly tied to competitive advantage and significantly increases a brand’s sales pipeline.

That being said, if you had to pick just one, accuracy is more important than volume. Thankfully, both are possible: Reaching your niche target audience effectively with scale is the key to prosperous digital advertising. By focusing on the overall success of the business through accurate targeting rather than fixating on revenue, agencies can experience organic growth. Pre-campaign strategy is what truly makes or breaks the results.

Transparent data, targeting, and reporting

To enhance organic growth, agencies continue to seek more and more transparency from ad tech providers. With a sea of vendors to pick from, the most robust and holistic digital advertising solutions are rapidly becoming the most favored. From data sources to targeting efforts, to post-campaign analytics, the more transparent an ad tech vendor is with agencies and their brands the better.

At AdDaptive, we have always prided ourselves on offering transparent data and reporting for the highest level of collaboration. We connect validated offline data sources to unique online identifiers for the most accurate targeting and analytics, all without the use of cookies. This transparent sharing of data and reports provides the insights needed to optimize campaigns to the fullest.

Dive deeper into campaign analytics with full transparency and see who is interacting with your brand’s content and which ways they are doing so. Form a partnership with AdDaptive today for the transparent data and analytics you need to organically boost your agency’s growth.

Stay tuned for more ad tech industry conference reporting from AdDaptive!