Our technology makes the impossible possible.

Customize Your Audience


AdDaptive’s cutting-edge technology links validated data to specific businesses, providing you with a comprehensive picture of who is engaging with your display, native, and video ads, and how to reach those individuals before your competitors. By using our Account-Based Marketing to leverage our technology, you will reach the right people at all the businesses you want to target – and save budget doing so.

Bring Your Own Data


First-party data is a valuable resource that highlights people who are already engaging with you. Our tool instantaneously analyzes this data, targets specific accounts, serves impressions, and generates account-based analytics, equipping you with the most well-rounded and efficient campaign possible. You’ll find it easy to upload your data or carve out a specific audience using our filters–whichever is better for your campaign.

Reach Business Influencers


Our technology links offline data and first-party data about your target businesses to digital identifiers, then digs deeper and reaches the individuals at each business that mean the most to your campaign. Through a comprehensive strategy integrating powerful B2B IP Targeting with online and offline data, our solutions will help you achieve more thorough and accurate targeting.

Enhance Audience Segments Automatically


The AdDaptive audience extension platform provides publishers with a fully automated solution to increase revenue by targeting your premium audience segments. Our innovative technology provides publishers with unique targeting capabilities that expand your available audience, eliminate low inventory levels and maximize advertising revenue.

We take pride in having created a superior high-tech solution that delivers ads with the utmost accuracy. By leveraging our technology, you are giving yourself an edge, scaling your efforts, reaching the right individuals, and receiving comprehensive analytics post-campaign. Our solutions bridge offline and online data for specifically defined B2B audience segments to deliver your ads to the individuals who matter most.

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