Leverage robust, transparent, account-based insights

Make data-driven decisions on your B2B advertising campaigns and yield better business outcomes


Fuel smarter B2B advertising with comprehensive account-based analytics

Analytics reports are just files with numbers in them until you add context and application. And the effective use of transparent analytics reports can be the main difference between mediocrity and success.

Enter AdDaptive.

Elevate your campaigns, internal communication, client experience, and funnel movement by using analytics that tell a more holistic story about your target accounts’ experience thus far and what you can do next to keep them engaged.


Benefits of Strong Account-based Analytics

Once you unlock transparent account-based analytics to support your ABM strategy, the possibilities are endless.

Real-time Learnings

Understand your key accounts’ journeys, following their preferences, actions, and interactions with your brand in real-time.

Accuracy & Scalability

Optimizing your campaign in real-time based on robust analytics insights will help you deliver ads more accurately to your target accounts at scale.

Cookieless Solutions

AdDaptive’s top-notch reporting suite doesn’t rely on cookies, reporting back at the account level on your KPIs and navigating around industry changes.

Fuel for Sales

Provide your sales team with information about which accounts saw your ads, engaged with your adss, explored your website’s content, and more to tailor prospect outreach toward each phase of the funnel.

Fuel for Marketing

Review AdDaptive’s campaign data against your corporate marketing strategy to make decisions about which accounts to retarget, where to reach them, and how to adjust your messaging and creatives to align.


AdDaptive’s advertising solution never rests, and neither does its reporting capabilities. Trust that your ads are being delivered to the right account in the right place at the right time based on the insights in Campaign and Site Analytics reports to correspond with your audience’s real-time decisions and changes in preference and behavior.


State-of-the-art analytics insights, at your fingertips

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Start effectively targeting your B2B audiences today by leveraging offline and online data, intelligent technology, and unrivaled analytics to reach the key accounts that matter most to your business goals. Discover how AdDaptive’s account-based advertising solution can help your company achieve B2B success:

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