Leverage the optimal media mix for account-based marketing success

Lean on data to determine the best combination of media types per campaign KPI


Optimize Your Media Mix

The strategic use of media type combinations should be leveraged to consistently conquer campaign objectives. The highest performing creative type combination is entirely based on the desired KPIs and overall strategy. Knowing the value of each creative type individually, and in combination, will ensure that the goals of future campaigns are exceeded through efficient strategy and execution.

Standard Display

Display advertising is an integral part of a successful B2B marketing campaign. It can permeate every aspect of the funnel, with the potential to provide brand awareness and complement lead generation – depending on your campaign goals. Best of all, AdDaptive’s display advertising is measurable and can move forward your overall business goals.

With an engaging creative, a specific audience segment, and the ability to scale business targeting, an effective advertising campaign can increase valuable touchpoints with key accounts. AdDaptive’s powerful technology allows your ads to reach your target audience with a more scalable, accurate solution that bridges data gaps and maximizes ROI.

B2B Sponsored Content

Use AdDaptive’s B2B Sponsored Content to amplify your content through native advertising. AdDaptive’s technology places your content among premium inventory and provides comprehensive firmographic reporting, illustrating which companies see your B2B Sponsored Content and how their interactions fuel your business goals. AdDaptive’s more detailed insights, greater scale, and lower price make it the smarter, cost-effective choice.

Did you know? Depending on the campaign targeting and goals, AdDaptive’s CPM for B2B Sponsored Content is on average 10% less than competitors who access the same ad inventory.


Strategically place your ad in a :15 or :30 second video format inside a banner placement to reach your intended audience at scale.

Take a multi-channel strategy by pairing video ads with Display and distribute resources across multiple avenues to reach your B2B audience effectively. Utilizing AdDaptive’s video advertising solution will enable you to draw dynamic attention to your campaign and engage your audience at every step throughout the customer journey.


Deliver rich media incorporating audio and video for eye-catching web banner ads that are less intrusive, more attractive, and more likely to draw engagement. HTML5 ads are often creative and interactive and animated, providing a memorable experience for the viewer.


Leverage AdDaptive’s programmatic B2B CTV solution to achieve brand awareness and engagement in a digital-first environment. AdDaptive’s B2B CTV Solution promotes your brand through accurate B2B targeting informed by validated online and offline data. Successful CTV campaigns leverage premium inventory to target viewers as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

By promoting your brand to an audience that is already digitally engaged, you are creating a well-rounded B2B advertising plan. Combining CTV with other media types diversifies your offering by utilizing a low-risk strategy and ensures that all touchpoints are being reached to achieve maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

Programmatic Audio

Add B2B audio marketing capabilities to your campaign to send a more personalized message.

Achieve a high customer engagement rate by supplementing programmatic audio with Display, Video, B2B Sponsored Content, or CTV by reaching and tracking B2B audio listeners across multiple devices. A cross-channel targeting strategy will amplify your advertising campaign and provide you with the most comprehensive way of reaching your business audience.


Measure the effectiveness of your media mix in real-time

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