Complement Your LinkedIn Ads with Programmatic

June 12, 2024 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

LinkedIn is inarguably a leader in both the social media world and the digital advertising world, accounting for almost 25% of US B2B digital ad spending this year. Business professionals specifically trust the LinkedIn platform above any other social media site for thought leadership, career development, networking, and much more.

As the most trusted business social media platform, LinkedIn’s growth isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. The predicted year-over-year growth rate is 14.1% for LinkedIn advertising in 2024. To further fuel this growth, LinkedIn has introduced a new Media Planning API to help advertisers maximize their campaign ROI.

While the media giant continues to expand their in-network targeting capabilities, there are still many opportunities to complement LinkedIn ads with other solutions and deliver display, native, video, CTV, audio, and HTML5 ads across a variety of platforms for a comprehensive, omnichannel advertising approach. Over 75% of digital ad spend in the US still falls outside of LinkedIn. So how can advertisers adjust their campaign strategies to maximize their reach and KPIs?

Expanding digital advertising strategies beyond social media

There is no denying that LinkedIn ads have proven to be highly effective, especially in recent months. Advertisers have seen over 20% ROI on LinkedIn campaigns so far in 2024, despite the 30% price surge at the beginning of the year. 

However, LinkedIn ads are still restricted to the LinkedIn platform itself. LinkedIn may be the best social media platform for business advertisers, but complementing social with the value of programmatic is the true key to reaching target audiences where they are engaged and maximizing ROAS. Increasing the number of touchpoints by delivering a well-rounded combination of display, native, video, CTV, audio, and HTML5 ads increases the likelihood of your intended audience engaging with your content.

Launching a complementary programmatic advertising campaign alongside your LinkedIn social media campaign can significantly increase brand awareness, website traffic, impressions, and conversions, just to name a few KPIs. 

Target with accuracy – and without limits

AdDaptive’s targeting and reporting solutions can help you reach your target audiences beyond social media platforms. The world wide web is your oyster with programmatic advertising, so you can reach your target audiences with as many touchpoints as are needed to inform, engage, and inspire action. Whether the ad is display, native, video, CTV, audio, or HTML5, expanding your media mix across a variety of platforms beyond social media significantly increases your chances of connecting with key accounts.

AdDaptive’s solutions can effectively complement your LinkedIn advertising strategy, elevating your campaigns with accurate targeting, robust campaign reports, and in-depth analyses and recommendations. Our strength in matching offline data to online identifiers also fills a gap which cookies will leave behind in the wake of their impending removal. 

Partner with AdDaptive to complement your LinkedIn campaigns and significantly increase your chances of reaching your target audience.