Cookieless Targeting and Reporting

March 28, 2024 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

Future-proof your digital advertising strategy

It’s the buzzword of the year in the digital advertising industry: cookieless.

Cookie alternative solutions and strategies are rapidly gaining traction, as the steady removal of third-party cookies from Google Chrome continues. Agencies, brands, and vendors alike are pivoting their digital advertising approaches in order to remain safeguarded from cookie deprecation. But which strategic shifts are the most essential to adapt to a cookieless future?

Proven cookieless success for 14+ years

While many ad tech providers are still researching and testing new cookieless solutions, AdDaptive’s accurate targeting and reporting technology has proven cookieless success for agencies and brands since 2010. 

Rather than relying on often inaccurate business and consumer data gathered through third-party cookie placement, AdDaptive has always leveraged validated offline data. This real-world information is comprised of firmographic and demographic data in the form of SEC filings, business registrations, census data, and much more. Since the information is verified at the source when submitted, the accuracy of the data is ensured.

AdDaptive’s proprietary technology maps this validated offline data to unique digital identifiers for accurate targeting, regardless of how niche your intended audience is. With over 14 years of cookieless experience, advertisers can trust in AdDaptive to deliver effective results and actionable reports to help maximize ROAS.

Rely on AdDaptive’s future-proof, real-world data targeting and reporting solution to reach your target audiences with accuracy and scale, sans third-party cookies.

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