Digiday Media Buying Summit March 2024 Recap

March 21, 2024 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

Digiday’s March Media Buying Summit was held earlier this month, March 4-6, at the W hotel in Nashville, TN. This conference had the highest attendance in Digiday’s history. The event brought top media buyers and ad tech vendors from across the country together to discuss the latest industry trends and the future of digital advertising in 2024 and beyond. AdDaptive was proud to sponsor the event again, with 5 of our experts on-site in Nashville.

Over the course of the 3 day conference, attendees and sponsors discussed the various pain points, challenges, and opportunities that the new year has presented. The various presentations, town halls, one-on-one meetings, dinners, cocktail hours, and other networking opportunities proved to be productive and beneficial for all. 

Challenges in 2024

One staple of Digiday’s annual conferences is the challenge board, which reveals the biggest concerns that media buyers currently have regarding the ever-changing industry and their roles. Accurate attribution and measurement still remains top-of-mind for many, as digital advertising solutions continue to evolve in the
post-cookie era. As both targeting and reporting methods continue to shift, media buyers need to ensure that the accuracy of their measurement tools isn’t compromised.

The challenge board also mentioned in-housing initiatives, talent acquisition, AI, and fluctuation of budgets. But the hottest topic of discussion by far was the various forms of targeting and reporting solutions currently available to digital advertisers. While many of these solutions are brand new this year, developed as a response to the market’s shift away from third-party cookies in 2024, some cookieless technologies have proven their success for over a decade. 


Deciphering Different Technologies

The digital advertising industry has experienced steady growth year-over-year, especially since 2020 when the global pandemic shifted almost everything online. As the industry continues to grow, the number of ad tech vendors and advertising solutions seems to multiply exponentially. So how do media buyers decide which technology to use to run their campaigns amid market oversaturation?

The first thing to consider when comparing digital advertising platforms is data mapping. What databases are being used, and more importantly is the data validated? Can the solution target first-party data when provided? Is it still dependent on third-party cookies on any level? Does AI play a role? Can it target both businesses and consumers?

With AdDaptive’s proprietary technology, the answers have been clear for over a decade.

Trusted, Transparent, Cookieless Solutions

On the first day of the conference, March 4, AdDaptive’s VP of Sales, Ted McNulty, hosted a featured presentation titled “Leverage offline data for more accurate, scalable, and transparent campaigns,” which focused on the power of real-world data. For over a decade now, AdDaptive’s technology has proven its success with extremely accurate targeting and comprehensive, actionable campaign reports and insights. 

By connecting validated, offline data to unique online identifiers with AdDaptive’s solution, advertisers are able to target any audience with both accuracy and scale, and track conversions and other KPIs all without the use of cookies. 

This validated offline data includes SEC filings, business registration data, census data, building permits, and much more, which enables reaching the right accounts with the right message, regardless of how niche the intended audience may be. 

Our cookieless solution has helped digital advertisers avoid
wasted impressions and produce positive business outcomes
since 2010. We have helped over 500 agencies launch tens of thousands of campaigns over the years, none of which have relied on third-party cookie data. 

Trust in AdDaptive’s future-proof, cookieless technology to improve the accuracy, scalability, and transparency of your campaigns. 


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