Accurate Attribution to Drive Campaign Success

September 14, 2023 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

Measure Campaign Engagement with Actionable Analytics

Shifting from one campaign to the next, agencies and brands aim to continuously optimize their targeting and resonance to reach KPIs and achieve overall campaign success. Accurate measurement of engagement in one campaign – along with context and recommendations from transparent reports – should be used to make decisions about future campaigns. Does your team currently have access to the full suite of transparent reports necessary to measure engagement from each target account?

Without proper attribution, targeting efforts can be inaccurate. A lack of in-depth campaign analysis in terms of engagement, budget allocation, funnel placement, and beyond leads to wasted ad spend and loss of ROI. To foster the success of your campaigns, reports should be fully analyzed and their actionable insights should be taken into consideration.

Accurate attribution is aided by comprehensive reporting, showing the effectiveness of each campaign in terms of revenue and the progression of accounts through the sales funnel. Retargeting and optimization are key, especially when budgets are tight.

Find an Established Ad Tech Partner to Trust

Reaching the right accounts at scale requires a holistic pipeline approach backed by analytics. The accuracy of reports can fluctuate significantly from one platform to another, so finding a trusted ad tech partner is paramount to receiving actionable insights for the most accurate attribution.

While many ad tech vendors only offer simple post-campaign metrics such as clicks and impressions, robust analytics with deeper, actionable insights and strategic recommendations for optimization are needed to measure current engagement levels and fuel future campaign success. AdDaptive’s solutions, backed by our analytics experts, provide the necessary context behind the data to arm you with the information you need to adjust your campaigns to maximize their reach and success while providing attribution with precision.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of which accounts are engaging with which type of creative and why gives advertisers and brands the power to retarget their audience with a higher level of accuracy in terms of content and media mix.

Additional metrics AdDaptive’s reports track include (but aren’t limited to):

  • List of targeted companies who received ads
  • Location (states and zip codes)
  • Sales volume
  • Number of employees
  • Job titles
  • NAICS codes
  • Clicks and CTR
  • Website pageviews
  • Conversions
  • Which creatives performed best

Lastly, we can customize clients’ reporting based on custom targeting dimensions, so any ways in which you choose to target your audience we can report back on post-campaign. Provide any dimension you’d like and we can filter the other report details around it.

AdDaptive’s Solutions

AdDaptive’s leading ABM analytics offerings aid you throughout the entire campaign process, from audience activation to post-campaign analysis. Our analytics provide the most thorough, accurate data and insights so you can properly attribute each metric to each advertising effort. This holistic level of reporting allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall effectiveness of your campaigns and how they drive revenue and pipeline movement.

In the pre-flight stage, AdDaptive’s Audience Composition report ensures that your campaigns are reaching the right accounts with a match rate that hovers around 75-80% – far exceeding the industry average match rate of just below 50%. Once your campaign is launched, our Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics reports provide detailed data and recommendations for optimization based on engagement levels and traffic driven to your website as a result of your campaign.

This full suite of transparent, in-depth reports from AdDaptive gives you the power to measure your campaign performance down to the level of each target account with a comprehensive overview that goes above and beyond industry reporting standards.

Trust in AdDaptive for highly accurate attribution tools to elevate your campaign strategy and stimulate future success.

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