Analytics in Action: Site Analytics

January 25, 2023 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

This blog post is the third of a three-part series featuring samples of AdDaptive’s three separate report offerings. 

Accurate web traffic attribution

Brand websites and landing pages are a main component of digital advertising, and it is vital to properly track site traffic to these pages that stems from ad campaigns. This level of website traffic attribution proves each campaign’s performance in terms of lift and return on ad spend (ROAS).

With all of the visitors flowing to your brand’s website from organic searches, sponsored content links, ad clicks, and more it can be difficult to distinguish the source of each visitor. For the most accurate campaign attribution, a combination of reports should be reviewed and analyzed at the end of the flight. In addition to a Campaign Analytics report, AdDaptive’s Site Analytics report provides the necessary insights to connect the dots between campaigns, web traffic, and closed sales. 

Tie your ad campaigns directly to the ebbs and flows of website traffic

Our Site Analytics report is customizable to reflect how your audience segments are reaching your campaign goals. Whether you choose to provide a specific predefined list of target accounts, vertical markets, or another combination of ABM targeting parameters, AdDaptive’s report will show which accounts are being drawn to your brand’s website by clicking through your ad campaign(s).

When it comes to website analytics, the key KPI is pageviews. AdDaptive’s Site Analytics report begins with a list of the names of the top 20 companies that have visited your campaign’s landing page as a result of clicking your ad. The report shows pageviews before an account was served an ad, pageviews after the account was served an ad, and the percentage change, showing the impact of the ad campaign on your web traffic and thus brand engagement. From there, you can either streamline or expand your audience as desired based upon the reported analytics to achieve further lift.

The Site Analytics report then continues to break down pageviews/impressions on your landing page from various angles including NAICS code, sales volume, and company size.

The data included in this report gives you a full scope of how your ad campaigns drive traffic to your website, with a single pixel placement on the campaign’s landing page. 

These accurate figures provide the insights you need to adjust your campaign, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately increase lift and ROAS. 

Link your ad campaigns to subsequent increases in website traffic with the help of AdDaptive. Our Site Analytics report gives you the insights you need to identify which of your target accounts are showing interest, and push them through the sales funnel with speed and ease according to their engagement with your content.

**The report included in the photos here is a sample report. An AdDaptive Site Analytics report will show real data, including business names and NAICS codes.**

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