Elevate Your Campaigns with New Media Formats

April 30, 2024 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

Just as each campaign is unique, so is each target audience segment and their preferred methods of engaging with content. Incorporating new media types such as Connected TV (CTV) or audio alongside the tried and true display advertising format allows decision makers and consumers alike the opportunity to gather information through their personal media preferences – from online videos, to TV streaming services, to podcasts, and beyond.

Reach your target audience from multiple touchpoints

Using a combination of media formats in digital advertising campaigns increases your chances of reaching the intended audience across various platforms. Varying your media channels allows your target audience multiple ways to engage
with your content, depending on where they are
in the sales cycle and what their preferences are in terms of online browsing.

Providing a variety of touchpoints throughout the customer journey helps keep your brand top of mind with your target audience and allows them
to engage with your content in their own
preferred way. Diversified campaigns open more opportunities to engage with key customers that you might have missed otherwise. For example, an avid podcast listener from your target audience could hear hundreds of audio ads in a week. If your brand isn’t in the mix of audio ads, this key customer will have no awareness of your brand and its products or services.

Proven multi-media format campaign success

The proof is always in the data. Measuring KPIs across both single-media campaigns and multi-media campaigns for comparison consistently shows that a diversified approach yields higher engagement levels. The incorporation of newer media types in particular along with display and or native, such as Connected TV (CTV), or programmatic audio, has proven time and time again to increase the success of digital advertising campaigns.


AdDaptive’s MTC Report shows some examples of the success that advertisers have found by expanding their creatives across other media formats. For example, incorporating either native or video ads in a previously display-only campaign actually increases display CTR.


“There was an 8% increase in Display CTRs when pairing a Display creative with a second creative type (such as Native and Video)”

Between display, native, video, CTV, audio, and HTML5, the various media type combinations and allocation of ad spend are limitless.

Experiment freely with different media type combinations

Testing various combinations of media formats can significantly elevate the success of a campaign. Finding the perfect, unique balance of media types for each campaign takes some experimenting. 

A client was running a campaign with only display ads for a month, at which point we suggested complementing the display ads with native ads. After launching the native ads, the number of engagements doubled. This led to the decision to shift the campaign budget from 50% native and 50% display to 75% native and 25% display.
– Andrew Mikedis, Digital Advertising Specialist


Thankfully, agencies and brands searching for a way to test which media formats work best for each campaign can do so without breaking their budgets. AdDaptive has no long-term contracts,
so agencies can adjust their media mix and ad spend allocation throughout the flight of each campaign. These adjustments can be made according to KPI measurements and
recommendations from our digital advertising experts, like Eli Moger and Andrew Mikedis. 

Trust in AdDaptive’s cookieless technology and expert managed service team to help you find
the perfect mix of media types for each of your campaigns.