Expert Optimization: Advice Roundtable

August 31, 2023 |
Matt Shore

Part four of our Expert Optimization series

AdDaptive’s granular approach to advertising has helped countless clients consistently reach their advertising goals. In our previous blog posts, we sat down with our team of advertising experts to discuss preparation during the pre-campaign stage, mid-flight optimizations made during your campaign run, and ways to leverage post-campaign analytics.

To continue our Expert Optimization series, we brought all of our experts together for an advice roundtable on how to get the most out of your campaigns and ad tech partnership.

Stronger Partnership Through Communication

When asked about tips for a successful ad tech partnership, many of our experts pointed towards building a strong foundational partnership on open communication throughout the entire campaign cycle.

The more that we receive feedback for reports, optimizations, and recommendations, the better we can tailor current and future campaigns! -Sami Bourgeois, Manager of Client and Media Services


Senior Customer Success Manager Gabby Lopez agreed with Sami and added a statement about the importance of strategic conversations and check-ins with clients:

An ad campaign is a living, breathing thing that needs constant attention throughout the entire process. Having these open lines of communication between the AdDaptive team and the clients ensures the correct optimizations are being made and goals are being met.

A Flexible Partnership Built on Analytics

In addition to open communication, AdDaptive is committed to flexibility when it comes to the needs of our clients. Senior Director of Customer Success Max Shaller utilized one of AdDaptive’s favorite puns that demonstrates our goals as an organization:

One of the most effective ways of building long-term relationships with our clients is by adapting (get it?) our targeting and analytics to align with their existing business practices and reporting structures. – Max Shaller


We want our partnership to support the work you’re already doing and provide you the tools to succeed. This is why we integrate AdDaptive’s actionable analytics and strategic conversations to fit the needs and goals of our clients. Customer Success Manager Sam Donahue contributed his thoughts in this area explaining how analytics and the context behind the numbers can help set up clients to make effective campaign decisions:

When a client’s goals, targeting, and analytics align, the power of a comprehensive advertising approach is unlocked. The right optimizations can be made at the right time and campaign insights can be leveraged into future campaigns and beyond.

When asked about the key elements that yield success in an advertising campaign, Senior Director of Technical Solutions and Analytics Eli Moger shared his overarching thoughts for tactics to consider to get the most out of your vendor partnership. He pointed to specific actions one could take such as:

  • Rapid ad deployment across channels
  • Leveraging Campaign Analytics to inform other marketing & sales strategies
  • Making campaign adjustments based on high-performing accounts 
  • Investing in and focusing efforts around a data-centric approach to advertising 

From communication to leveraging analytics, AdDaptive is proud to offer extensive advertising solutions that not only enhance your current campaign, but also set up your future campaigns for success.

In our final installment of the Expert Optimization series, we will be discussing the many aspects of an AdDaptive partnership that our experts believe sets us apart from the competition.

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