Expert Optimization: Prepping Your Campaign

August 10, 2023 |
Matt Shore

Part one of our Expert Optimization series

Choosing an ad tech partner is a big decision. You need a partner that will be with you each step of the way and provide support throughout the process. AdDaptive Intelligence is composed of advertising experts that are ready to help set up and optimize your ad campaigns to help you reach your desired audience.

But what exactly does this process look like? We sat down with a few of our resident experts for a look inside an AdDaptive partnership and asked them to share tips for creating a successful ad campaign.

Campaign Setup

When asked about the first step in creating a successful ad campaign, Manager of Client and Media Services Sami Bourgeois shared the importance of strong communication and goal-setting. Discussing campaign elements such as target audience, campaign budget, expected reporting cadence, and desired outcomes are just a few of the important conversations to be had pre-campaign launch.

When it comes time to build out the target audience for an ad campaign, Senior Director of Technical Media Solutions and Analytics Eli Moger explained how the AdDaptive team approaches this process:

Audience Composition

These recommendations based on the above criteria will form the Audience Composition report which gives you a full look into the audience that AdDaptive will build. The report has a heat map showing the locations your ads will be delivered as well as the firmographic breakdown of the desired accounts you are targeting including business size, NAICS codes, sales volume, and more. Once the Audience Composition report has been approved by the client and the audience segments have been created, it’s time to launch the campaign.

A Strong Start

Taking the time to identify your goals and target audience is critical to advertising success. AdDaptive’s team of experts is here to help you narrow down your KPIs and pinpoint the high quality accounts you care about for exceptional engagement.

In our next installment of our Expert Optimization Series, we’ll share insights into the mid-flight optimizations that keep your campaign on track after the campaign has launched.

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