Expert Optimization: Post-Campaign and Beyond

August 24, 2023 |
Matt Shore

Part three of our Expert Optimization series

In our first two blog posts of the series, we discussed how to prep your ad campaign and how our team makes mid-flight optimizations after launch. But what happens after your campaign has run its course? Our team of advertising experts know that optimization doesn’t stop after the last ad is delivered – it continues through post-campaign analytics.

We sat down with our team of experts to delve into what an AdDaptive partnership looks like following campaign completion.

 Post-Campaign Insights

After your campaign ends, the AdDaptive team provides post-campaign insights along with the context needed to fully decipher the results and recommendations for future campaigns. Our resident post-campaign experts explained how they interpret these insights, make recommendations, and arm clients with the knowledge to leverage their results in the future.

Similar to in-flight campaign updates discussed in the previous blog post in the Expert Optimization Series, post-campaign analytics are also broken down into firmographic sections for insights into performance among your target audience.

AdDaptive is proud to offer in-depth insights that go beyond the traditional metrics like CTR, Viewability, CPC, VCR and connect them to your activities, audience segments, and ROI. Senior Director of Customer Success Max Shaller said, “the ability to show the client a list of target businesses that received impressions, generated clicks or pageviews, and connecting that back to sales activity is FAR more impactful than solely relying on vanity metrics.”

Site Analytics and Beyond

Our team will also provide you with the Site Analytics report, which takes our in-depth reporting a step further by showing which of your target accounts engaged with your website via your ad campaign. By including strategic conversations along with these insightful analytics, AdDaptive’s team of experts can help our clients turn the analytics from insightful to actionable.

How can clients use this information after their campaign is over? Customer Success Manager Sam Donahue explained: “Clients can leverage firmographic reporting from AdDaptive’s analytics to build look-a-like audiences for future campaigns.” The resulting list of accounts can be turned into an ABM list to target with a subsequent campaign. Then, clients can continue to hone in on their desired audience for future campaign success and minimal wasted ad spend.

“Each targeting parameter within our platform is also a reporting parameter within our analytics, which provides seemingly unlimited optimization possibilities.” – Max Shaller


When asked what this looks like Max Shaller shared that “clients can be as broad or as granular as they like, adding/removing entire industries/revenue ranges OR optimizing single business locations. Each targeting parameter within our platform is also a reporting parameter within our analytics, which provides seemingly unlimited optimization possibilities.”

Gabby Lopez added that “this could mean stripping out those businesses that clicked or engaged with the ads and continuing to stay in front of those users. This could also mean, taking those businesses that did not click or engage and continue to serve them ads until they show interest. It really depends on the client’s overall KPI and campaign goals.”

Proving ROAS with Actionable Analytics

In addition to leveraging analytics in order to create new campaigns, these insights can be used to prove ROAS and support your sales and marketing teams. With the Site Analytics report, you can build out and track a target account’s journey from your ad campaign to site engagement to help prove ROAS.

With actionable insights that can be leveraged even after the campaign has run its course, AdDaptive’s number one priority is setting up clients for success while providing support during each stage of the full campaign cycle and beyond.

In our next installment of the Expert Optimization series, AdDaptive’s experts will share their tips and advice for getting the most out of your ad tech partnership beyond the campaign through a flexible, data-centric approach built on open communication.

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