Case Study Sessions: Re-engage Your Audience Effectively

August 29, 2023 |
Matt Shore

In our previous installment of Case Study Sessions, we shared three examples of companies that were able to reach their incredibly unique audiences through AdDaptive’s powerful targeting capabilities. But what happens when you need to reach out to your audience a second time?

Re-engaging your audience is a great way to move previously interested prospects through the funnel, enhance market presence during peak selling seasons, and upsell existing customers. Most importantly, finding the perfect spot where you can effectively engage your audience without overwhelming them is crucial for campaign success.

With AdDaptive’s accurate targeting solution, you can ensure your re-engagement campaigns are being delivered to the right accounts at the right time with the right message. What does a successful re-engagement campaign look like? Just ask these three clients who leveraged re-engagement in their advertising approach.

 It’s time for another Case Study Session. 

Software Company Drives Conversions From Previously Interested Prospects


A B2B software company aimed to achieve conversions among users who previously engaged with their creatives.


AdDaptive devised a tailored, comprehensive strategy to re-engage users who had shown prior interest without overwhelming them. This included frequency caps across various devices as well as rigorous brand safety measures to ensure relevant and safe ad placement.


After two months, the company saw over 12 million impressions and over 1,000 conversions, exceeding their previously defined KPIs. The ease of communication and the transparency with optimization between the AdDaptive and the client led to additional successful monthly campaigns.

Roofing Company Re-engages Prospects Successfully During Peak Season



A roofing company strived to achieve a high CTR despite the construction industry not seeing great success in digital advertising as work typically occurs in the field rather than behind a screen. They were looking to engage roofing contractors during peak roofing seasons.


AdDaptive created a strategy that not only targeted the client’s unique audience but re-engaged those users through peak selling season. AdDaptive suggested including B2B Sponsored Content in addition to B2B IP targeting to maximize CTR. Offline data was utilized to reach contractors within the construction industry, and online data was leveraged to re-target those users to further engage them with the brand.


Leveraging online and offline data, B2B Sponsored Content, and retargeting led to above-industry-average CTR during four one-month campaigns (0.18%, 0.20%, 0.20%, 0.14%). Retargeting produced organic traffic on the client’s website and cross-device capabilities provided an opportunity to serve impressions to a business despite the lack of online exposure typical of this industry.

Utilities Company Builds New Service Awareness Among Current Customers


A gas and electric company sought to increase awareness surrounding a new service, re-engage their current clients, and inspire them to upgrade their current plan.


AdDaptive deployed a customized targeting strategy to re-engage the company’s existing clientele by onboarding a list of companies to target through Account-Based Marketing. Display and video media types were combined to strengthen the campaign impact and achieve maximum optimization.


The client was pleased to see the brand awareness AdDaptive had spread among the desired audience. The campaign succeeded in promoting the brand’s new product and services to existing clients, motivating them to take advantage of the upgrade promoted in the ad campaign.

Leverage Re-engagement to Make a Powerful Impact

The buying process has historically been long with multiple touchpoints to move multiple stakeholders through the funnel. Being able to accurately re-engage your audience opens the door for high-quality interactions and a more personalized buying experience for your prospects. AdDaptive is proud to offer word-class targeting measures that can reach and engage unique audiences more than once with the right message and the right time.

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage. 


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