Case Study Sessions: Reaching Niche Audiences in Hospitality, Aerospace, and Animal Health

July 24, 2023 |
Matt Shore

When cautious optimism is dictating ad spend decisions, many brands and agencies are expected to “do more with less.” Avoiding wasted impressions is crucial for advertising success especially when you’re trying to reach a very niche audience. 

No matter how specific your audience is, AdDaptive’s cookieless targeting can help get the right eyes in front of your ad campaign and ultimately drive positive outcomes for your business.

How granular are AdDaptive’s targeting capabilities? Just ask these clients from industries including Hospitality, Aerospace Manufacturing and Animal Health.

 It’s time for a Case Study Session. 

Hospitality Company Reaches Niche Audience of Hotel GMs


A hospitality company was looking to reach a niche audience of hotel general managers with a goal of 5000 conversions in three months


By leveraging our validated offline data, NAICS codes, and title overlay, we were able to hone in on potential prospects with the GM title that would benefit from the company’s offering. 


This yielded 8,457 conversions in three months, exceeding the client’s original goal. They were thrilled with the results and ended up developing a long-term partnership with AdDaptive for continued advertising success.


Aerospace Manufacturing Company Reaches Industry Thought Leaders


One of the top 3 aerospace companies approached AdDaptive with the goal of building more engagement around a new product from a very specific audience of global industry decision-makers. 


AdDaptive leveraged validated offline data mapped onto digital identifiers to ensure the company’s ads were delivered to the intended accounts.. 


The company’s expectations were exceeded with 6.7 million desktop and mobile impressions with a CTR of 0.15%. AdDaptive was praised for our holistic advertising approach and ability to hone in on valuable industry thought leader accounts.


Animal Health Company Builds Brand Awareness Among Veterinarians


A livestock medicine and vaccine manufacturer sought to increase their brand awareness among a niche group of veterinarians. 


AdDaptive customized validated offline data segments tailored to the company’s unique targeting needs. 


In less than a month, the campaign had already yielded over 2 million impressions from the desired niche audience. The company was thrilled with the results which inspired them to double their media executions with AdDaptive for the coming year.


Target with Confidence

AdDaptive understands that every dollar of ad spend counts when you’re building a budget. That’s why we are proud to support our clients in reaching their target audience across vertical markets with ease. Customizing our targeting approach based on specific industries, goals, KPIs, and more is what keeps our clients coming back for continued advertising success. 

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage. 


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