Expert Optimization: What Sets AdDaptive Apart in the Market?

September 07, 2023 |
Matt Shore

Part five of our Expert Optimization series

Over the past month, we shared the incredibly valuable thoughts, tips, and recommendations from our team of advertising experts about how to achieve campaign success. These blog posts covered how to build success in the pre-campaign stage, mid-flight stage, and post-campaign stage as well as an insightful advice roundtable for strong ad tech partnership. 

When choosing an ad tech partner there are many things to consider. A long-lasting partnership with consistent results is the ultimate goal, but it can be difficult to compare offerings between different vendors when building and evolving your media plans and tech stacks.

For the conclusion of our Expert Optimization Series, we decided to pose one question to all of our advertising experts:

What sets AdDaptive apart from other competitors in the market?

As expected, the answers ranged across many different aspects of AdDaptive’s solution.

Cross-Team Support

Senior Customer Success Manager Gabby Lopez provided insight into the makeup of AdDaptive’s support team and how collaboration across the AdDaptive team helps bring campaigns to the next level:

The diversification of expertise across AdDaptive’s team ensures that all goals are met through effective communication and strong optimization tactics. An ad tech partnership with AdDaptive means world-class support from experts who are proud to make you and your campaign their number one priority.

In addition to supporting your campaign, AdDaptive also prides itself on focusing on both short-term and long-term goals for a well-rounded partnership. Sami Bourgeois, Manager of Client and Media Services, shared insights into how the team works towards a robust partnership throughout the entire campaign process:

Strong Media Activation and Scaling

On the technical side of things, Senior Director of Customer Success Max Shaller shared his thoughts on AdDaptive’s unique position starting as an audience activation platform and how it plays into our media execution today:

AdDaptive wants to be your one-stop shop for ad tech partnership. By offering solutions in audience activation, targeting, and reporting we can provide support each step of the way towards campaign success.

Flexible and Solution-Focused

When choosing an ad tech partner, it’s important to find a partnership that works for you and doesn’t disrupt the processes your organization has already put in place. Senior Director of Technical Solutions and Analytics Eli Moger demonstrated AdDaptive’s flexible and solution-focused approach to advertising:

This flexibility is extended to each and every one of our partners to ensure that they not only can reach their advertising goals, but also feel comfortable and supported by the partnership making the advertising process more streamlined.

We’re proud to have a team of incredibly thoughtful and talented advertising experts who are dedicated to supporting your campaign efforts from start to finish and beyond.

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