Analytics in Action: Audience Composition

January 12, 2023 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

This blog post is the first of a three-part series featuring samples of AdDaptive’s three separate report offerings. 

The most imperative step before the launch of any B2B ad campaign is building the target audience or ABM list. Even the most strategic content messages and designs are wasted if they don’t reach the right accounts.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 

If a message is delivered to the wrong audience, does it have any effect?


Ensure that your content is reaching your target list of accounts with AdDaptive’s Audience Composition tool. Our B2B experts will build out the finer details of your intended audience in order to validate and attribute impressions throughout the flight of the campaign.

Once a list of target accounts has been established, it’s time for AdDaptive to start building out your Audience Composition report. The first section of the report will show a heatmap of your target geographic areas.

Over the course of the campaign, your ads will be delivered to prospective accounts, closely following the customized heatmap presented in the pre-launch Audience Composition report. This stage of the report also provides a state-by-state and zipcode-based breakdown of the target accounts included.


Diving deeper into firmographic data, AdDaptive’s Audience Composition report provides a breakdown of the companies you’ve identified as wanting to target based upon their annual revenue, employee size, years in business, NAICS/SIC code, and more. This combination of data points allows for targeting companies of all sizes with equal precision.

Beyond these niche targeting options, the report provides vital information to target at scale. This reduces the amount of wasted impressions, makes it easier to hit target KPIs, and increases ROAS.


While average B2B targeting match rates hit just below 50%, AdDaptive’s match rates hover around 75-80%. Our technology aligns with your business strategy for optimal delivery to a valid audience within your targeting parameters. High match rates are achieved by taking your unique targeting preferences into account and presenting them in a pre-campaign Audience Composition report to ensure that we are on the same page, then by executing on these guidelines using our proprietary technology and years of experience. Advertisers can prepare to optimize their ad spend in this pre-campaign launch stage, since proper audience segmentation and scaling play such a key role in the success of each campaign.

The report provides the necessary information in an easily comprehensible visual format, with pie charts and bar graphs to highlight the range of accounts in terms of firmographics such as sales volume, employee size, and years in business.



Once your audience has been properly segmented and the Audience Composition report reflects aligning data for the target accounts, your campaign is ready to launch! After that, AdDaptive’s Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics reports will provide the actionable reporting insights and suggestions for optimization you need to help fuel your campaign’s success. 

Start off on the right foot and get a full preview of your campaign to ensure that it will reach the right accounts with AdDaptive’s Audience Composition report. 

**The report included in the photos here is a sample report. An AdDaptive Audience Composition report will show real data, including business names and zip codes.**

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