Analytics in Action: Campaign Analytics

January 18, 2023 |
Matt Shore

This blog post is the second of a three-part series featuring samples of AdDaptive’s three separate report offerings. 

An analytics report can be a helpful tool for ad campaign success. But data needs to be understood to be valuable;  strategic context behind the numbers will bring your ad campaigns to the next level.

AdDaptive’s expert Accounts Team gives progress updates throughout your campaign’s delivery by providing a Campaign Analytics report. Strategic conversations with Accounts open up opportunities to adjust your approach for future campaign iterations to ensure maximum ROAS.

What exactly are you getting in the Campaign Analytics report? Let’s take a closer look.

The Campaign Analytics report organizes your ad campaign’s impressions, clicks, CTR, and engagement metrics into firmographic sections. The first section breaks down your performance by location. You can view a heat map of your engagements as well as a state-by-state view. This way you can see where your engagements are coming from and make location-based targeting decisions for your campaigns. 

The next section of the report shows how your campaign results were spread across your original targeting specifications. You can see your impressions delivered to businesses of a particular size by number of employees and overall sales revenue. You can also see impressions delivered to businesses that fall within certain NAICS codes and the names of businesses that were served your ads. From here, you can decide if you want to update your targeting approach based on the interactions your campaign received. For example, if you received high amounts of engagements from smaller companies, you could choose to exclude larger companies from your targeting parameters to narrow in on your highest value accounts and reduce waste.


The following section shows the distribution of your impressions tied to each creative size you used in your campaign and your individual creatives by name. This is a great way to see which creatives are resonating the most with your target audience. Now you can update your media mix to boost engagement.


Finally, the Optimizations & Recommendations section gives you insight into the measures AdDaptive took to optimize your campaign and recommendations for how to approach future campaigns. One type of optimization, for example, could be to filter out underperforming accounts to minimize waste. These future recommendations will be a jumping off point for your strategic conversations with the AdDaptive Team to further refine your campaigns, bringing you closer to your advertising goals.

Combining the Campaign Analytics report with a strategic partnership with AdDaptive’s team of experts will add context to the data and bring your campaigns to the next level. The ability to track your performance and have a holistic understanding of your analytics to inform your next move will reflect positively in your ROAS. The power of the Campaign Analytics report lies in the context!

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage.

**The report included in the photos here is a sample report. An AdDaptive Campaign Analytics report will show real data, including business names and zip codes.**

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