The Power of a Foundational Ad Tech Partnership

June 01, 2023 |
Matt Shore

Brands have unique needs and goals when it comes to advertising especially when “cautious optimism” is influencing their ad spend decisions. Balancing their needs and keeping them confident in your agency is both rewarding… and tiring. Multiply the energy spent on one specific brand relationship by the full portfolio of brands you represent and you’re at risk of burnout. You have the skills and the talent to give these brands the experience they deserve, but a little bit of support could go a long way.

What you need is a strong foundation. You can’t always see the foundation of a building, but without one, a gust of wind could put the entire structural integrity in jeopardy. This concept should be kept in mind when choosing an ad tech partner. Your tech stack might go unseen by your clients, but these partnerships should help stabilize all of your competing priorities and make your relationships with stakeholders easier.

AdDaptive has the pleasure of being the foundation for countless agencies through our precise targeting, scalability, and insightful reporting. This partnership opens the door to leveraging AdDaptive’s success to boost your own efforts. For example, each quarter on average AdDaptive runs between 4,000-5,000 campaigns serving 600-700 million impressions. Our technology analyzes over 50 billion data points every day to fuel the best optimizations for each of your unique campaign needs. Having a baseline like this allows you to confidently move forward with your own daily tasks knowing that your clients will be getting the most out of their ad spend. 

Clients rely on your agency to help them reach their desired audience. AdDaptive is happy to provide you with our precise, cookieless targeting capabilities to ensure campaign engagement from high-quality accounts. Our technology allows you to define a specific audience set and deliver your hand-selected message and creative to the right recipients. While the average ad tech partner has match rates around 50%, our targeting capabilities have match rates that hover around 75-80%, effectively helping to reach your desired audience. Then, as the campaign runs its course, AdDaptive provides updates and performs optimizations to keep you in the know and to further your reach. When the campaign finishes, AdDaptive shares insightful analytics along with the context behind the numbers to pave the way for stronger campaigns in the future. 

AdDaptive has your back behind the scenes for each campaign. A strong ad tech partnership foundation is meant to lift up the work you’re already doing while offering support where bandwidth cracks start to show. 

Let us help you to help them. 

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage. 

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