Reach high-value accounts with accurate account-based advertising

Optimize your strategy, targeting, activation, and reporting to achieve smarter B2B advertising

Strategic Overview

Achieve strategic account-based advertising

AdDaptive’s proprietary technology bridges offline and online data, optimizes ad campaigns, and provides transparent B2B analytics to help clients reach the accounts and decision-makers that matter most. The result is the industry’s most accurate B2B digital advertising solution.

If you’re looking for a digital ad platform and team to support your account-based marketing strategy, act as your partner in strategizing and planning, teach you about your key accounts so you can engage them with the most agile approach, report back at the company level on all of your KPIs, and provide actionable insights that inform which steps to take to yield positive business outcomes, let’s talk.

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Your Strongest B2B Advertising Partnership

Embracing the cyclical nature and longer sales cycles of B2B advertising means finding a partner that understands your pain points, fills your gaps, and works with you to make YOU successful. Look no further than AdDaptive Intelligence – the industry’s leader in smarter B2B advertising and account-based strategy.

Strategic Consultation

Work with our team of experts to build the best strategic plan for your account-based advertising efforts. Check in during the flight of your campaign to ensure strategy and execution are aligned throughout.

Verified Offline Data

AdDaptive has partnered with industry leading offline data partners to provide B2B marketers with the most powerful targeting and measurement solutions in the industry. Our offline data is highly accurate, deterministic, and trustworthy. Combined with AdDaptive’s state-of-the-art technology, this is an invaluable opportunity for B2B marketers.

Data Onboarding

Onboard and target your first-party data, CRM files, email, and other marketing lists in one central platform. AdDaptive helps you amplify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and deliver better customer experiences, while achieving a higher return on your marketing spend.

Deployment & Optimization

Deploy ad campaigns using the ABM list generated either by your first-party data or by our platform’s audience building tool. Define which KPIs matter most to you and feel confident our team’s decisions align with the way you measure success.

Industry-leading Reporting

Review Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics reports to better understand your audience so you can reach them more effectively in subsequent communication and campaigns. Our reports are accurate, thorough, and actionable, equipping you with the means necessary to maintain success.

Retargeting & Communication

Don’t stop there. On average, a high-value account requires 18 touchpoints before converting into a customer. Keep your brand top of mind by turning reports into ABM lists and retargeting the accounts that matter most. Fuel your sales and marketing teams with these insights to ensure cohesion across the board based on where your audience falls in the funnel and what you need to do along the customer journey to guide each lead toward conversion.

Success in Action

Leverage AdDaptive’s Success As Your Own


Each quarter, AdDaptive runs between 4,000 and 5,000 campaigns for all customers (agencies, brands, and publishers)


About 33% of AdDaptive’s clientele consists of Fortune 100 companies who utilize our smarter B2B solutions to deploy their ads

600-700 million

600-700 million impressions are served on average each quarter via various digital ad formats

50 billion

Our technology analyzes over 50 billion data points every day including ad serving data, geolocation data, mobile signals, and more to make the best decisions for your campaigns.

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Start effectively targeting your B2B audiences today by leveraging offline and online data, intelligent technology, and unrivaled analytics to reach the key accounts that matter most to your business goals. Discover how AdDaptive’s account-based advertising solution can help your company achieve B2B success:

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