Case Study Sessions: Drive New Business with a Supportive Ad Tech Partnership

September 18, 2023 |
Matt Shore

In our previous installment of Case Study Sessions, we shared success stories from three different companies that leveraged AdDaptive’s targeting solutions to effectively re-engage with their audience. Re-engagement is a powerful tool to drive conversions for your business, but it’s not the only option.

Every campaign is unique, which is why having an ad tech partner that can build a personalized approach to help you reach your goals while supporting the work you’re already doing is extremely valuable. In the days of cautious optimism when it comes to ad spend, the importance of efficiently moving prospects through the funnel towards purchase is crucial.

These three clients were able to drive new business and conversions with the help of unique advertising strategies built by AdDaptive.

 It’s time for another Case Study Session. 

Glass manufacturer reaches niche vertical at scale using AdDaptive’s display advertising to engage qualified leads, increasing site traffic by 218% and yielding new business


 A leading glass manufacturer aspired to engage a niche audience of architects. The company intended to expose the audience to their brand through banner ads and drive traffic to their website, where relevant content would inspire qualified leads to fill out a form to learn more. Previous vendors’ efforts proved this audience was difficult to reach digitally at scale; in search of both accuracy and reach, they turned to AdDaptive.


Fueled by validated online and offline data, AdDaptive’s powerful technology was able to identify the niche audience, learn about their engagement habits, and deliver banner ads accurately and at scale. Over three months, the campaign was constantly optimized to ensure ads were being delivered to high-quality accounts that would impact the customer’s bottom line.


A high CTR (0.19%) and over 16,000 engagements proved the combination of data, technology, insights, and strategy were aligned with the customer’s goals and the audience’s interests. The campaign caused a 218% increase in site traffic, which led to many new business opportunities. In understanding the customer’s goals and audience, AdDaptive crafted a custom solution that proved beneficial for the customer, even beyond the flight of the campaign.

Healthcare client achieves conversion goal by complementing its internal solution with AdDaptive’s refined B2B targeting


A client sought to increase its white paper downloads and optimize its conversion rate among oncologists and medical professionals. They chose to complement their in-house solution by partnering with AdDaptive.


AdDaptive deployed a tailored strategy using validated, offline data matched to unique, digital identifiers to pinpoint the target audience within the healthcare industry. These efforts resulted in 7,275 white paper downloads and over 16 million impressions.


Seeing the results from AdDaptive’s B2B targeting exceed its internal solution, the company reallocated resources and increased its budget with AdDaptive by 180%. Investing in AdDaptive’s solution brought over 18,000 conversions in 2 months, and the client’s site traffic, form fills, and orders were up 16% YOY.

AdDaptive produces 69,000+ conversions for world leader in lab equipment manufacturing


An American public research, development and manufacturing company aimed to increase purchase intent among tech-savvy shoppers.


AdDaptive’s proprietary B2B Data and Technology enabled the client to efficiently reach the target audience of lab managers, technicians, and decision makers on a multinational scale.


By pinpointing the appropriate audience members based on their likelihood to invest in the advertised technology, AdDaptive’s campaigns drove over 69,000 conversions (e.g.,. poster downloads, form fills, information requests, contact forms, etc.) for the company.

Strategy that Fuels Conversions

AdDaptive is proud to support our clients no matter what their goals are at every step of the campaign journey. Our advertising experts make sure that the right strategy is put in place before launch to drive the results you need from start to finish and beyond. This way you can reach the accounts that matter most to you and deliver the right message at the right time to spark conversion.

That’s the AdDaptive Advantage. 


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