Validated Offline Data: The Power of a Cookieless Digital Advertising Solution

February 15, 2024 |
Helen Bartkiewicz

Going Cookieless

2024 is here, and the gradual removal of cookies from Google Chrome is now well underway. Thankfully, there is no reason for advertisers to worry – the industry’s leading cookieless solutions can target far more accurately than technologies that still depend on data from cookies.

Ever since their conception, cookies have merely guessed information about businesses and individuals based on browsing history. Since the internet is so vast, what is entered into a search isn’t always necessarily aligned with intent to purchase. Many times internet users are simply looking for a quick answer to a question completely unrelated to their own personal interests.

For example, someone may search “what is the capital of Spain?” when the person has zero travel intentions – be it to Madrid, Spain or anywhere else in the world.

Another user may search “saddle pricing” as a gift for a family member with a horse in a stable, while the searcher themselves has no interest in horses or horseback riding. Additionally, a B2B purchaser could search for a competitor’s offerings strictly for comparison’s sake and market research. Of course the searcher would have zero intention of purchasing competing products or services.

In addition to these incorrect assumptions about a user’s interests, cookies also often outlive their worth. Once a cookie is placed on a browser, there is no way for the cookie to know the timespan of its relevance to the searcher. Someone could search for a new coffee maker, purchase said coffee maker the next day, and still receive digital ads for various coffee makers for weeks or even months after the fact. Data gathered through cookies is very often inaccurate, irrelevant, or outdated.

Validated and Verified

Offline data, on the other hand, is extremely accurate at its source. Offline data includes documents and data sources such as SEC filings, business registration data, building permits, census data, and more. Since the data in these forms is directly provided by the company or individual, the information is verified at the source. Above and beyond the innate validity of self-provided data, the information is legally verified to be factual regardless of the specific firmographic or demographic information in question. This allows for accurate targeting of any audience segment. 

To summarize in one word, offline data is future-proof. Online search engines, websites, and various softwares can remove, mask, or block digital targeting identifiers in the form of cookies. But offline data is validated, both at the source and at an executive level.

Even when mapped to online identifiers, offline data maintains its integrity and verification status. Taking forms from filing cabinets and activating the information online makes the data actionable, and allows accurate digital ad targeting on both a company level and a consumer level. AdDaptive’s proprietary technology does just that, mapping offline data to digital identifiers online so advertisers can deliver ads to key audiences based on that verified connection.

Achieving Scale, with Accuracy

With offline data, reaching the right audience never becomes a question of quality vs. quantity or scale vs. accuracy. Connecting this validated offline data to online identifiers is AdDaptive’s specialty. Through the use of validated firmographic and demographic information mapped to reliable online data points rather than relying on cookies, AdDaptive can target any device, reaching even the most niche audiences at scale with accuracy. AdDaptive is proud to have match rates between 75-80%, while the industry average targeting match rate hovers just below 50%. 

Above and beyond extremely accurate targeting, AdDaptive generates detailed, transparent reports for each campaign. These reports show the data on all of the targeting parameters, and furthermore provide the insights needed to fully optimize each campaign and prove the effectiveness of mapping offline data to online identifiers. The insights gained from these reports allow advertisers to further scale their campaigns without sacrificing accuracy. 

That’s the AdDaptive advantage.

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