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AdDaptive Intelligence, Inc. (AdDaptive) is a B2B advertising technology company headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. We provide digital advertising services to brands, advertising agencies, and digital publishers through the use of our technology platform (Platform).  Our Platform is used to place digital advertisements on third-party websites on behalf of our clients (Clients). Our Platform is distinctive in that it is aimed at business users (people purchasing for business purposes) rather than personal consumers.

This Overview describes key aspects of how the AdDaptive Advertising Technology Platform (Platform) use personal information. This Overview is primarily focused on European data protection matters, but we also discuss the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) at the end of this Overview. In light of European data protection laws, our Platform treats the personal information of users in the European Economic Area (EEA) differently from users who are not in the EEA. The Platform uses high-level geographic identifiers to identify when a user appears to be located in the EEA. These high-level identifiers do not directly or indirectly identify any specific person.

Information collected from users who are outside of the EEA

When the AdDaptive technology is deployed on Client websites (Client Sites) and the user is located outside of the EEA, the Platform automatically receives information from the Client Site through the use of pixels tags and cookies.

  • Cookies are small text files that contain a string of alphanumeric characters. When a user visits a website or views an ad, cookies are sent through the user’s web browser and stored on the user’s device.
  • Pixel Tags are small images or strings of code on a web page. Pixel tags allow the operator of the web page, or a third party who serves the pixel tag, to set, read, and modify cookies. We use cookies in conjunction with pixel tags in our Platform for ad delivery and reporting purposes and to help make the online advertisements users see more relevant to the user.

This Overview refers to pixel tags and cookies collectively as “Tag Data.”  When our Platform is used on Client Sites, we automatically collect Tag Data from the user’s web browser. The Tag Data may include IP address, cookies, browser version, operating system, pages viewed and timestamps.

Information collected from users who are in the EEA

Under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Tag Data may be considered personal data (which we refer to in this Overview as “personal information”).  Tag Data may also be subject to the European Union’s laws, such as the e-Privacy Directive, relating to the use of cookies and similar Internet Technologies.  For these reasons, the default settings of our Platform are different for users in the EEA.

When our Platform technology is deployed on a Client site, the Platform is set up so that it does not automatically collect Tag Data from users in the EEA.  Some of our Clients are digital publishers that would like to re-engage with users after they have left the publishers’ websites.  Our Platform will collect Tag Data from EEA users only if the user has first agreed to accept cookies, including the collection of Tag Data and its transfer outside of the EEA for purposes of serving web advertisements.

The digital publisher is responsible for providing any required data protection notices and collecting consent from any EEA user that it would like to target with digital advertisements.  The digital publisher then passes that consent to our Platform.  When an EEA user gives consent, a cookie is placed on their device, and the user can be targeted in the future when that cookie is recognized when the user visits a third-party website.  The Platform then serves targeted advertisements based on that cookie via our Demand Side Platform partner (Xander,

Opt-Out from Advertising/Revoking Consent

If a user prefers that AdDaptive does not serve digital advertisements, the user may opt out using the link below.  When the user opts out, we will place an opt-out cookie on the user’s device. The opt-out cookie tells AdDaptive not to use the user’s information for delivering relevant online advertisements.  If the user deletes, blocks, or otherwise restricts cookies, or if the user uses a different device or Internet browser, the user will need to renew his or her opt-out choice.  EEA users who have agreed to accept cookies and see advertising served by our Platform can revoke their consent at any time by using the same link.

Click Here to Opt-Out

AdDaptive’s Role

In the terminology of the GDPR, AdDaptive is a data processor with respect to the Tag Data.  In our role as a processor, we process Tag Data solely as necessary for the technical execution of advertising campaigns for our Clients.  Tag Data is retained on our servers for approximately twelve months for purposes of carrying out and documenting our performance of the Client’s advertising campaign.

Information regarding CCPA Compliance Considerations

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which comes into effect January 1st 2020, entities to which the CCPA applies must provide certain rights and observe relevant statutory obligations as provided.  While the CCPA does not require opt-in consent to collect personal data, under some circumstances, collection of this information by a third party platform could constitute a “sale” of such information to a third party which could require allowing users to opt out of the sale as provided by CCPA, or alternatively, that alternative agreements are put in place to render applicable entities “service providers” under the definition of the CCPA.  Please note that in all cases, the digital publisher is responsible for providing any required data privacy notices, providing any needed opt out functionality, including a “Do Not Sell” link, and/or providing appropriate contracts to render applicable entities service providers under the CCPA.  The IAB has provided its own guidance which may be relevant at

You may also click on the link below to visit the privacy center of Xandr, our Demand Side Platform partner, to make choices about the use of data about you.

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