The Value Of Data Transparency During Economic Uncertainty

May 11, 2020 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Data transparency has always been a differentiator in B2B advertising. In today’s economy, it may be more of a survival tactic than anything else.

Transparency isn’t everywhere. We’re not yet at the point where every marketer can see which companies are engaging, how they prefer to engage, or why they engage in one way versus another. But during times of economic uncertainty, when every dollar counts and media buys are scrutinized more closely than ever before, data transparency could be the prime way for companies to understand their impact, calculate their ROI, and determine future strategies – all of which may help them emerge stronger from this situation.

Companies need to prove their media plans are yielding appropriate returns; they need effective reporting to illustrate performance success and business impact. Analytics reports are like diamonds resulting from the increased pressure on B2B advertising success; if companies need to show campaign results with greater detail, tech vendors that can deliver comprehensive B2B ABM analytics reports – reaching a new level of data transparency – will outshine the rest.

Brands must be smart and careful with their messaging and advertising; they know it is most effective to provide informative content to build trust, but they also need to continue to drive revenue in order to outrun the pandemic. The best validation they can receive for their marketing efforts is data transparency and accountability from their ad tech vendors. B2B marketers want to know where their ads are being sent, which companies are seeing them, and what is happening as a result. This information is more pertinent now than ever, and ad tech vendors that can provide these comprehensive reports will help companies thrive through uncertain and difficult times.

Benefits of data transparency during economic uncertainty:

  • Learn about audience
  • Inform future strategies
  • Increase ROI
  • Minimize wasted spend
  • Drive business outcomes

A partner like AdDaptive can help marketers deliver their important messages to their intended audiences effectively and efficiently by providing extensive B2B ABM reports. This level of data transparency and accountability will make the company feel supported, as they can feel confident that they are strategizing wisely during this time.