Analyze Brand Engagement And Lift From Ads With Site Analytics

Leverage the industry’s deepest B2B audience knowledge base

B2B advertisers like you have been searching for accurate, actionable analytics reports for many years. How can you make strategic decisions without the data to justify them? Advertisers are looking for reports that provide transparent data to prove success so they can validate their efforts and choose the best path forward.

AdDaptive’s new Site Analytics offering bridges that gap. Customers already receive Campaign Analytics; adding to our robust offering, AdDaptive’s Site Analytics informs advertisers about their key accounts, illustrating engagement by account in association with a brand’s ABM efforts in a way that helps advertisers identify prospective companies’ interest through lift. As such, advertisers can clearly evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns as evidenced by key accounts engaging with the content on their website after being shown ads. This, in turn, fuels funnel movement, as advertisers will use these insights to better engage and motivate their target audience.


Elevate your company’s account-based advertising efforts with AdDaptive’s Site Analytics, and reach your target audience without wasting valuable time or resources.

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