Unite Marketing & Sales With Transparent Analytics

Enhance your marketing and sales communication with advanced analytics reports

AdDaptive’s full-scale, transparent analytics solution is designed specifically to strengthen your company’s B2B advertising strategy and align your marketing and sales initiatives. We put the power of analytics in your hands throughout the entire advertising process, providing up-to-the-minute reports on how your target audience is receiving and responding to your campaigns.

AdDaptive’s Account-Based Analytics Suite:

  • Provides detailed reports at each step of the B2B ad campaign journey
  • Allows you to track website traffic as it is driven by your campaigns
  • Boosts your marketing and sales strategy for future campaigns
  • Informs you about your audience’s activity from ad campaign through website engagement
  • Illustrates which accounts are warm from brand engagement without requiring a form fill
  • Equips sales with insights that fuel more personalized outreach and communication
  • Indicates which accounts are moving through the funnel, allowing marketing to retarget more specifically


Our industry-leading Account Insight Reporting (AIR) empowers your organization’s advertising strategy, from both a marketing and sales perspective


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