The Campaign Journey With Account-Based Analytics

August 02, 2021 |
Helen Neely

Learn how to Achieve B2B Success Step-by-Step with AdDaptive’s Account Insight Reporting (AIR) Suite

The success or failure of ad campaigns depends on more than just the content and messaging. B2B campaigning has evolved into a cyclical process that, when optimized, relies heavily on analytics reporting from start to finish. The insights gained from this new level of reporting help businesses streamline their marketing efforts to focus on the most engaged accounts. From one campaign to the next, transparent account-based reporting fosters B2B growth at scale.

Many businesses have begun concentrating on collecting audience insights in order to customize advertising strategies and deliver personalized experiences, building trust and rapport with their accounts throughout the process. AdDaptive’s expert Account Insight Reporting (AIR) Suite, comprising both Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics, paints a complete picture of how a campaign influences not only account engagement, but website traffic as well. Prove the worth of a campaign by connecting each click down to the dollar.

The B2B advertising journey begins with creating an aligned business strategy for a specific audience. The audience is then targeted with tailored ads, and their engagement with these ads is closely monitored through analytics reports. Based on data sources which are constantly updated, these reports are then used to identify high-volume accounts and build an ABM list to target in future campaigns. These reports also reflect upon ad performance, lift, strategy, and more, enabling your business to alter future content and messaging to further increase each campaign’s ROI.

From building a strategy, to launching a campaign, to reviewing analytics reports and re-engaging target accounts, AdDaptive is here to help every step of the way. Visualize how our robust analytics offerings can aid your advertising journey and help your business attain its marketing goals with the following infographic.




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