B2B Ignite London 2021 Recap

August 16, 2021 |
Helen Neely

AdDaptive and Merritt Group Discuss B2B Advertising and Analytics in a Cookieless World

On June 30th AdDaptive and agency partner, Merritt Group, spoke virtually at B2B Ignite London regarding the benefits of using a combination of online and offline data and targeting techniques instead of third-party cookies for campaign targeting. The three pillars of the conversation included advertising strategy, analytics, and adapting to the looming removal of cookies.


While Google has since delayed its Chrome changes until January of 2023, first movers like AdDaptive and Merritt Group are being proactive and strategizing around how to build increasingly stronger ABM solutions before the rest of the industry is forced to pivot.

In the last 5-7 years the rise of ABM has become the focal point for most B2B marketing strategies – Pasha Irshad, Vice President at Merritt Group


In the Ad Tech industry, changes such as the fall of cookies and the rise of ABM are inevitable and frequent. It is important for companies to be prepared for any and all things to come. By forming strong, strategic partnerships which leverage collective knowledge, all parties gain a better understanding of the market. AdDaptive helps our partner agencies to improve their relationships with their clients by understanding the facts around market trends as well as how they apply to their customers’ strategies. Agencies like Merritt Group bring valuable insights about their customers’ needs and processes that shape the appropriate strategy. As a result, we work together to build and optimize strong campaigns.

And it doesn’t stop there, as agencies like Merritt Group and their end users need to know what comes next. To fill this need, AdDaptive provides transparent analytics reports that are both informative and actionable. By receiving intel about their audience, companies can make informed decisions and tailor their marketing efforts and sales communication, pushing prospects down the funnel toward purchase.

Understanding the data that’s coming in from a platform perspective is great; doubling that up and understanding what’s happening on your website and tying those two together is critical – Pasha Irshad


Furthermore, increased website traffic resulting from each campaign should be taken into account when setting parameters for retargeting in subsequent campaigns. AdDaptive’s Account Insight Reporting (AIR) Suite, comprising both Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics, provides a comprehensive, data-based outlook into the success of each campaign and lessons about the audience, ranging from heat maps to account lists and more.

[Pasha’s] communication with us about what they need as an advertising agency for their clients has really shaped what our product team will go back and look at – Andrew Piekos, Senior Account Executive at AdDaptive


Partners like Merritt Group, who are vocal about their perspectives on what would positively impact their customers’ businesses the most, help inform the path forward in a way that no technology provider could do alone. The power of collaboration is evident starting with the details of an existing ad campaign and carrying through to what products a company like AdDaptive can build to better serve its partners. In the end, agencies’ customers receive the best of both worlds and experience the wide-reaching benefits that a strong agency-vendor relationship can bring.

In addition to building a strong collaboration with its agency partners, AdDaptive helps advertising agencies and publishers not only by working with ABM first-party data, but also through building audiences from scratch based upon unique B2B digital identifiers and validated firmographic data. We never lock our partners into long-term contracts; AdDaptive works on a campaign-to-campaign basis. With transparent reporting, both our partners and their clients are able to gauge the success of each program by understanding the analytics process each step of the way throughout the campaign journey. This allows AdDaptive and our partners to find the correct balance of targeting parameters and KPIs in order to yield the best business results.

From targeting strategy through audience scalability, with campaigns ranging from fewer than 30 prospects to those in the tens of thousands, AdDaptive provides smarter B2B targeting and actionable analytics to help agencies and brands reach their audiences with accuracy and scale.

View the full recording of the B2B Ignite London presentation from AdDaptive and Merritt Group here:



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