Show Lift from Ad Campaigns among Target Accounts with Site Analytics

July 13, 2021 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Analyze Brand Engagement and Lift from Ads with AdDaptive’s New Site Analytics Report

For years, B2B advertisers have been searching for analytics reports with the utmost accuracy, which they can rely on to make strategic decisions. As such, beyond the precision of the data itself, advertisers need to know what to do with the report. A report is just a collection of numbers until someone makes sense of it, adding context and connecting a story through the data in order for the information to come to life. In other words, a B2B analytics report is most valuable when it is both accurate and actionable.

AdDaptive’s new Site Analytics report is the best of both worlds.

While AdDaptive has always been a leader in the industry when it comes to transparent analytics reports, we never rest. We are constantly looking for new ways to equip advertisers with the tools they will need to engage their target accounts, implement tailored outreach, and move prospects through the funnel. With the newest addition to AdDaptive’s robust B2B analytics offering, Site Analytics informs advertisers about their key accounts, illustrating engagement by account in association with a brand’s ABM efforts in a way that helps advertisers identify prospective companies’ interest through lift. As such, advertisers can clearly evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaigns as evidenced by key accounts engaging with the content on their website after being shown ads. This, in turn, fuels funnel movement, as advertisers will use these insights to better engage and motivate their target audience.

Perhaps most valuably, leveraging Site Analytics reports will help advertisers decide what to do next — whether to target engaged accounts with more specific messaging in subsequent ad campaigns, to equip their sales team with engagement data that will lead to more personalized outreach, to create new content based on the preferences of their key accounts, or to add media type combinations to keep prospects engaged and moving through the funnel.

In other words, Site Analytics doesn’t just show the difference an ad campaign makes in terms of site traffic – it arms advertisers with valuable knowledge about their key accounts. AdDaptive’s team will then work with advertisers to figure out how best to leverage the data in the report to yield positive impact.

Site Analytics is now part of AdDaptive’s standard reporting suite offered to customers: Under the Account Insight Reporting (AIR) umbrella, customers now receive Campaign Analytics and Site Analytics reports. Using the Site Analytics report in conjunction with AdDaptive’s Campaign Analytics allows advertisers to learn more about their key accounts, understand how their content is resonating, and optimize how they reach their target audience. The two reports complement each other by showing data on the delivery and performance of an ad campaign (in the Campaign Analytics report) then illustrating key accounts’ engagement with content on-site (in the Site Analytics report), thus providing a holistic view of companies’ key accounts that will allow maximum strategic optimization toward KPIs.

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