A Diversified Approach To B2B Targeting In A Cookieless World

March 15, 2021 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Survival of the fittest has never been a more relevant concept in B2B advertising.

The only challenge is that the idea of what it takes to be ‘the fittest’ keeps changing. As such, companies with the ability to change with the market are the ones that survive.

From a business standpoint, an industry that is consistently evolving to serve the changing needs of its market is one that is listening and working hard to resonate with its buyers – in this case, media planners and key marketing influencers at agencies and brands. It is viewed positively, as the changes being made are in their favor. As such, members of an ever-evolving market tend to appreciate the tweaks providers make to constantly improve their experience. And if needs are not being met, agencies will adjust their media plans to match brands with solutions that deliver.

From a provider standpoint, there can be a lot to keep track of externally – and to iterate on internally – in order to keep up with the rapidly changing market. As each idea gets adopted, each need is heard, and each change is made, companies must step up and act accordingly in order to survive. Companies that rely solely on one product or feature or who have cut corners in the past will not be able to navigate changes as smoothly. In other words, the more tech-savvy our audience grows, the less room for error and cover-ups exists. More optimistically, and better for their clients, the companies that have anticipated these changes and built their business on a strong mission executed by a diversified, success-proven solution are the ones that can accommodate each shifting audience need while still leveraging their strengths and continuing to thrive.

Thus, as needs and trends in the B2B advertising industry evolve, some tech providers can continue meeting these changing needs, enabling long-term strategic partnerships with agencies and brands.

The move away from cookies is one such change. Needs are being heard, raising the standard in the market; providers must meet these needs to survive.

And the strongest provider is the one that is already doing what other companies are pivoting towards – one that is already providing cookieless avenues for precise B2B targeting and can leverage its solution and experience to help agencies and brands succeed amidst industry changes.

AdDaptive is prepared to lead the charge. We’ve watched the market meander and audience preference shift throughout the years, and staying true to our name, we have adapted to each change while staying true to our mission. At the end of the day, AdDaptive is committed to connecting agencies and brands to their customers with superior accuracy. Luckily, our diversified approach has allowed us to lean on various avenues to achieve that end depending on what has worked best for our customers over time.

But with this particular change proposed by Google, we are at an advantage – we have never relied solely on cookies. Therefore, moving away from the use of cookies is a standard we have already met. Others will need to pivot, shifting resources and capabilities into this new territory, in order to survive; they will be moving into a space where we already have found comfort and success.

As we all work to emerge from a pandemic that had redefined risk in B2B advertising, marketers want to reduce risk as much as possible moving forward. One way to do that is to work with a tech vendor that is already well-versed in the language everyone else is learning, one that is already well-positioned to handle the looming changes that others will need to learn and pivot towards in order to survive.

That is not to say that we will not be affected at all – that would be naïve to the power of such large-scale shifts. Everyone in advertising will be affected – even amidst a cloud of uncertainty, we all can agree on that. But we firmly believe our existing setup will leave us at the front of the pack, potentially less impacted than others in the industry. Our customers can rest assured that in an ever-changing world, AdDaptive’s mission is steadfast and will continue to bring them B2B success.

How will AdDaptive remain strong and successful through Chrome changes?

  • Our focus on B2B Account-Based Advertising enables validated first-party data without private user information being saved.
  • We can build upon our focus on B2B IP Targeting at the rooftop level in aggregate rather than relying on third-party cookies as the sole basis of our B2B targeting.
  • Our solution is comprehensive and diversified rather than putting all of our eggs in one basket. Our proprietary technology links all of these together for one reliable result.
  • Our B2B reporting is universally linkable, so we can combine our analytics offering with any solution to resolve targeting back to key accounts.

We’re here to be your strategic partner. We thrive when working with customers that ask our opinion on how to turn an analytics report into an ABM list or how to create a phased strategy to build an increasingly refined audience at each step. We’re here for the long haul, and we love working with companies that value that relationship-based approach in order to create a synergy that leaves all parties better off in the end.

In short, AdDaptive’s diversified, comprehensive approach to B2B advertising, with an emphasis on account-level targeting in aggregate (instead of a reliance on cookies), a focus on a long-term strategic partnership, and a reliable analytics product, can help you continue to achieve B2B success in a cookieless world.


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