AdDaptive’s B2B Solution Safeguarded Against IOS 14 And 14.5 Updates

March 09, 2021 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

This content has been updated to acknowledge the 14.5 update.

With the B2B advertising industry constantly evolving, marketers benefit from staying abreast of each adjustment to ensure their strategy still fits and their tech partners can still support their business goals. Viewing each change as a chance to re-evaluate media plans and make marginal tweaks as needed will help companies stay agile and aligned with the direction of the market in a manageable way.

Aware that advertisers need to keep a pulse on their strategies and partnerships in order to continue achieving success amidst industry changes, AdDaptive has put together a resource about the impact of iOS 14 updates on our B2B solution.

Ultimately, AdDaptive does not anticipate changes to our B2B capabilities in light of iOS 14 (and 14.5) updates. We continue to rely on our B2B IP targeting, which will continue to work across iOS, as part of a diversified, comprehensive solution to reach B2B users where and when they are most active. In this case, we will still be able to reach B2B users on mobile devices (app and mobile web) uninterrupted.

When considering how iOS 14 and 14.5 updates impact B2B advertising attribution, our customers need not worry. AdDaptive’s ability to report on B2B campaigns does not currently rely on iOS performance; in fact, iOS makes up less than 25% of our volume and less than 10% of attributed actions. B2B ABM campaign performance powered by our technology centers around ABM conversions and engagement actions on desktops, rather than consumer-based actions such as app installs. We are confident drops in performance or attribution will not occur.

As always, we maintain communication with our technical partners and innovate among our internal teams to ensure our solution can continue to bring top-notch results to our customers.

Download the PDF to explore how AdDaptive’s B2B solution will continue to deliver superior results amidst iOS 14 updates (including the newer 14.5 installment):



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