Use highly tailored data, targeting, and analysis for your display, native, video, CTV and audio campaigns to reach the accounts that matter most and drive positive business outcomes.

Build and Target

Upload and target your account lists in one centralized platform. Do you know which companies you want to target, but don’t have the account data? Our platform allows you to select the attributes of the businesses and decision makers you want to reach to create an ABM list and get started instantly.

By onboarding your own data and building new custom audiences you can amplify the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and deliver better customer experiences, achieving a higher return on your marketing budget.

Tailor and Refine

Client conversations and messaging are always progressing and AdDaptive’s platform allows your strategy to evolve with your needs. Update account lists, creatives, and targeting strategies on the fly to stay flexible, maximize engagement, and deliver your ads to the right people at the right time.

Report and Analyze

The analytics generated from a properly executed ABM campaign are powerful marketing assets. AdDaptive goes beyond impressions and clicks to provide you with meaningful insights and actionable intelligence. Understanding your customers from all angles allows you to create value throughout your entire organization.

Case Study: Proof of Our Technology’s Power

Leading financial institution sees AdDaptive's technology outperform cookie-only solution by 200%, resulting in exclusive partnership

  • GOAL

    A national bank aimed to achieve success in promoting their brand by utilizing AdDaptive’s powerful real-time targeting solution. AdDaptive intended to prove their comprehensive solution would be more accurate than targeting solely using cookies.


    By leveraging an account-based marketing strategy through personalization among small and medium businesses within a specific revenue range, AdDaptive delivered the leading bank’s advertisements precisely to the appropriate business influencers.


    AdDaptive’s comprehensive technology offering outperformed the cookie-only targeting segment by 2x, proving to be more efficient in surpassing the bank’s CTR goal. The campaign’s success influenced the client to increase budget and resulted in an exclusive partnership across all digital campaigns.

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