Advanced Analytics for B2B Account-Based Marketing

Making the Most of B2B ABM Analytics

The B2B ad tech industry has largely championed the power of Account-Based Marketing (ABM); so much so, that the term is often used interchangeably with B2B. The conflation of the two terms is likely a result of blurring the standard idea of marketing to businesses (B2B) with the advanced technology and strategies required to achieve company-level targeting (ABM). AdDaptive’s sophisticated insights fuel our Account-Based Marketing, influencing every step of the ad campaign process. Our advanced analytics power targeting and elevate strategy informing campaign messaging. The result? Personalized ad campaigns that maximize engagement from “One-to-many” audiences to “One-to-one” accounts–AdDaptive’s signature advantage that consistently exceeds expectations.

Whether you are targeting a wide audience, specific vertical, or key accounts, reporting plays an important role in informing the strategy, targeting, and messaging of campaigns. Fill out this form to explore the role of ABM analytics at each stage below:


With B2B ABM analytics, every decision is backed by verified data. Using ABM at every stage of your B2B ad campaign ensures that you can identify your target audience and deploy the right messaging. The catalyst for every successful campaign strategy is beginning with actionable data: Pre-and post-campaign reporting are essential for refining your strategy with industry-leading insights.


In order to know your audience, you must first define who your target audience is. AdDaptive’s transparent, pre-campaign reports provide everything you need to know about your audience selection. Within AdDaptive’s Platform, you can either upload an ABM list of target accounts or build a custom audience in our segment builder tool. From there, pre-campaign analytics fueled by validated data identify firmographic qualifiers and key verticals that matter most to your business.


Harnessing precise data enables you to craft appropriate messaging that not only reaches, but resonates. Each new insight translates to a new creative angle that can be taken to reach your audience where they are and answer the questions they are asking. Reporting throughout your campaign means messaging strategy can be optimized in real-time to maximize the level of engagement. From there, post-campaign reporting provides additional insights to ensure the success of your future ad campaigns.

By working with AdDaptive, you are making the most of B2B ABM analytics for far-reaching campaigns guaranteed to produce results.

For a better understanding of how advanced analytics power B2B ABM, explore AdDaptive’s ABM Pyramid chart: