Account Based Marketing

June 15, 2016 |
Addaptive Intelligence

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the practice of marketing to a company’s defined, value-rich prospects as individual organizations, or further more as individual decision makers. Personalization is the cornerstone of ABM in order to better specify the marketing message and how it pertains to a prospect. There are numerous factors that go into creating this strategy: identifying prospects, aligning sales and marketing, unique messaging creation, ect. But few will argue it is not worth the effort to treat each key account as though they are the only key account.

Making Execution Easy

With the wide adoption of marketing automation software, the implementation of ABM campaigns is easier than it appears. With a comprehensive list of target accounts, pulled from a CRM system or through offline data, all that is left to do is rely on the technology at hand. For example, with options like a multi-channel approach and targeting key decision makers within the target accounts, marketers can take advantage of the options they previously relied on in a more effective way.


As the intersection of specificity and scale, it is not surprising ABM campaigns are of high interest to B2B marketers. The benefits are clear to see, starting with higher ROI. Clients are more open to receiving the marketing message because it is personal. Relating to a prospect’s unique situation and offering a solution is as personal as marketing gets without a one-on-one conversation. This allows marketers to cut out any waste caused by being in front of a more vague audience. All of this begins happening with the kick-off of a campaign- ABM is not a waiting game. The results can be measured immediately without a steady ramp up period.