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Industry News:

AdDaptive Named a Contender in The Forrester Wave: B2B Advertising Solutions, Q3 2022

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Advertising Solutions, Q3 2022 report analyzed the 14 most significant B2B advertising solutions across 28 criteria spanning current offering, strategy, and market presence. In the report, Forrester wrote, “AdDaptive is a good fit for B2B organizations with in-house media teams and media agencies with B2B clients.”

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On Digiday:

Why Reporting and Insights Are the Differentiating Factors for Ad Tech Providers

In April of 2022, following the conclusion of their Media Buying Summit, Digiday published a byline article written by Laura Goldstone, AdDaptive’s Director of Communication and Brand Strategy. 

The article focuses on flipping the script when it comes to vetting B2B ad tech vendors, by first considering their analytics offerings as a differentiating factor and then tying those reports back to targeting capabilities.

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Strategy, Marketing, and More:

An Interview with Laura Goldstone

Media 7/The ABM Report published the strategic insights provided through a thought leadership interview with AdDaptive’s Director of Communications & Branding Strategy, Laura Goldstone, in March 2022. 

The interview touched upon a range of hot topics looking towards the future of content marketing, including market approach, targeting capabilities, and proving ROAS with transparent analytics reports.

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On AdExchanger:

Align Brand and Agency Data Strategies to Create a Cycle of Proven Advertising Performance

AdDaptive’s co-founder Patrick Shea wrote an article published in AdExchanger in December 2021, focused on the need for brands and agencies to align their ABM advertising strategies with comprehensive, actionable insights.

This alignment allows marketers to link their brands’ data with performance and engagement in a meaningful way, achieving scale and accuracy.

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On Digiday:

Why Partnerships Are Vital to the B2B Advertising Supply Chain

In December 2021, Digiday published an article written by AdDaptive Intelligence covering the importance of building trusted partnerships in B2B advertising in order to strengthen your supply chain.

In examining the value agencies provide to brands, the same thing has seemingly always topped the list of needs and challenges: Transparent B2B analytics and actionable insights.

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Adapting to a Cookieless World:

Merritt Group and AdDaptive Speak at B2B Ignite London

Merritt Group’s Pasha Irshad and AdDaptive’s Andrew Piekos spoke at the virtual B2B Ignite London Conference on June 30th regarding the impending elimination of cookies and how it will affect the future of B2B advertising.

Gain insights from the industry experts on how to adjust your advertising and analytics approach accordingly.

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The Latest and Greatest:

AdDaptive Launches Site Analytics for Enhanced Reporting

AdDaptive has introduced a new B2B analytics report to help advertisers further evaluate the relationship between their campaigns and website traffic.

Site Analytics delivers a holistic representation of target accounts’ engagement so that ad campaigns may be adjusted accordingly to boost awareness, interest, and funnel movement.

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New Ways to Reach Key Accounts:

AdDaptive Introduces B2B CTV and Audio Solutions

AdDaptive has released two new B2B channels to help clients increase touchpoints with key accounts and deliver ads where audiences are already engaging.

AdDaptive’s newest products, B2B Connected TV (CTV) and Programmatic Audio, open new pathways for companies to increase brand awareness and engagement among target audiences, contributing to a well-rounded B2B strategy.

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On the Cutting Edge:

AdDaptive Optimizes Platform Toward Objective-Based Advertising

AdDaptive’s latest technological advancement supports objective-based advertising (OBA) approach to targeting key accounts based on specific objectives.

In addition to existing B2B targeting capabilities, OBA adds a component of AI to strengthen the strategy and execution of data-driven ad campaigns, optimizing toward specific goals and yielding better results.

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The B2B Beat:
A Virtual Conversation with Zozimus Agency

In the newest installment of The B2B Beat, Emily Gaines, Director of Account Management at AdDaptive, interviewed David Wilson, Executive Vice President of Digital Performance and Analytics at Zozimus.

The two discussed how our unique vendor-agency partnership drives audience segmentation, accuracy in B2B targeting, how to leverage ABM for success, the power of firmographic analytics, and more.

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B2B2B Success:
Our Tech-Agency-Brand Story at Digiday Conference

This past February, AdDaptive shared the stage with Initiative (agency) and Cox Business (brand) at Digiday’s Media Buying Summit. The three partners presented a successful ad campaign that employed an innovative B2B targeting solution with impeccable accuracy, a noteworthy feat amid industry changes.

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