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On the Cutting Edge:

AdDaptive Optimizes Platform Toward Objective-Based Advertising

AdDaptive’s latest technological advancement supports objective-based advertising (OBA) approach to targeting key accounts based on specific objectives.

In addition to existing B2B targeting capabilities, OBA adds a component of AI to strengthen the strategy and execution of data-driven ad campaigns, optimizing toward specific goals and yielding better results.

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The B2B Beat:
A Virtual Conversation with Zozimus Agency

In the newest installment of The B2B Beat, Emily Gaines, Director of Account Management at AdDaptive, interviewed David Wilson, Executive Vice President of Digital Performance and Analytics at Zozimus.

The two discussed how our unique vendor-agency partnership drives audience segmentation, accuracy in B2B targeting, how to leverage ABM for success, the power of firmographic analytics, and more.

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B2B2B Success:
Our Tech-Agency-Brand Story at Digiday Conference

This past February, AdDaptive shared the stage with Initiative (agency) and Cox Business (brand) at Digiday’s Media Buying Summit. The three partners presented a successful ad campaign that employed an innovative B2B targeting solution with impeccable accuracy, a noteworthy feat amid industry changes.

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