3 Digital Advertising Stats You Need To Know

May 15, 2018 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

  1. In a recent survey of 1,000 marketers worldwide by Rakuten Marketing, respondents estimated they waste an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies. Additionally, about half of respondents said they misspend at least 20% of their budgets.
  2. The most common challenge with relying on probabilistic data in digital advertising is ineffective targeting, according to 49% of respondents in a recent Viant study.
  3. The top two factors limiting the success of digital ad campaigns are audience reach (30%) and targeting inaccuracies (27%), according to a recent Viant study.

We hear you loud and clear.

Marketers want to target the right audience efficiently. They don’t want to waste money on ad formats and placements that don’t pan out. They want to be smart with their spending – as we all do. Programmatic advertising is the answer – if it’s done correctly.

Programmatic advertising automates media buys, saving time and resources (freeing marketers up to focus on strategy and creatives) and using an arsenal that has been proven to work. But the power of the ads is dependent on the programmatic technology. How accurate can the targeting be? How much will my ROI increase and my wasted spend decrease? These are important questions you should ask the company you use to buy your ads, because they’re crucial to your overall campaign plan.


For example, AdDaptive’s programmatic ad technology can consistently operate with pinpoint accuracy because of our multi-faceted approach to B2B IP targeting, combining offline and online data for the most holistic depiction of the customer and the most accurate way to reach them. Other approaches, when taken alone, aren’t as accurate, since they aren’t as comprehensive. For example, the industry is fairly divided on the topic of cookies. Cookies can help to provide more depth into an ad campaign, but they should not be used alone, since they are placed on browsers based on assumptions rather than validated offline data. If you rely solely on cookies’ inferred data, you may be wasting valuable budget dollars on impressions that are unlikely to convert. That’s why cookies should be a second-tier approach, whereas the first plan of attack should be to use validated data and geotargeting, which have proven to deliver the best results. When you’re only paying for served impressions, your money goes farther with this two-pronged approach and brings you more valuable leads.

In terms of reach, the ad company powering your campaigns needs to have a large enough database to provide an appropriate foundation from which to pluck out the key decision-makers and influential individuals that need to see your ad. Companies that have robust technologies and partnerships tend to be able to offer a wider variety of targeting options. In other words, if you have a larger playing field, you have more chances to find the right person. For example, say you want to draft the most talented pitcher to your baseball team. Are you going to have 10 players tryout or 100? The more players you see, the greater your chance of finding a highly talented pitcher. Now imagine what a company like AdDaptive could do with billions of data points and hundreds of millions of households – the possibilities are endless.

If you are a marketer, you will want to choose an agency that is making the right decisions on your behalf. And if you are an agency, you will want to partner with a programmatic ad company that has a large enough database and robust enough technology to deliver the impressions your clients want at the price they can pay. Look for companies that are continually making great strides to enhance their technology, broaden their database, and improve their targeting capabilities, thus ultimately improving their ability to deliver your ads most effectively. The programmatic ad tech market is still young, but the big players are doing whatever it takes to get ahead of the curve and set you up for success.

Check out our solutions and see why a company like AdDaptive can increase your ROI and put your ads in front of the right people at the right price.