DataPoint Is Now AdDaptive Intelligence

November 02, 2015 |
Addaptive Intelligence

Boston-based AdDaptive Intelligence (formerly DataPoint Media), the adaptive intelligence ad tech company, announces today that it is the first to bring adaptive intelligence technology to the ad tech industry.

Adaptive intelligence is a branch of artificial intelligence that combines the statistical estimation of big data with specific human knowledge and expertise. The adaptive intelligence technology developed by the company collects and analyzes actionable, live data to instinctively guide programmatic advertising.

Brands and marketers don’t have the time and energy required to micromanage multiple systems, along with the repetitive, tedious, inane tasks associated with today’s chaotic ad tech landscape. AdDaptive Intelligence’s technology interprets and reacts to live data and then instinctively takes action to deliver handsfree results.

“In this new era of programmatic 3.0, brands and marketers are spending too much time managing multiple systems and doing repetitive work that isn’t strategic to their core business. AdDaptive’s technology helps streamline the process and makes it possible for brands and marketers to fully realize the value that programmatic media has to offer.”


–Sarah Fay, former CEO of Aegis Media North America & AdDaptive Advisor

The programmatic advertising landscape has become more cluttered and chaotic than ever with a proliferation of platforms and point-solutions to address the expanding opportunities across the market. Over the next 4 years, it is predicted that nearly 60% of advertising across all platforms will be managed programmatically. Surprisingly, until today, no companies in the ad tech space have combined advertising automation with any artificial intelligence-based technology.

“We are the first company to combine big data with specific human domain knowledge and advertising automation technology, which will raise the bar and forever change the programmatic advertising space.”


–Kevin O’Malley, Co-Founder of AdDaptive Intelligence


  • Proprietary technology interprets and reacts to live data and instinctively takes action to deliver hands free results for programmatic advertising
  • End to end automation connects disparate systems and launches complex campaign strategies in seconds
  • Media buying and audience analytics in one centralized platform
  • Improves ROI immediately

“Since launching DataPoint Media five years ago, we have invested heavily in adaptive intelligence technology to develop a platform that cuts through the chaos of programmatic advertising; connecting siloed and redundant systems, automating repetitive tasks, and really creating a force multiplier for end users,”


–Patrick Shea, Co-Founder of AdDaptive Intelligence

Adaptive intelligence is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with training neural networks using not only the statistical estimation of big data, but combining it with specific human domain knowledge.

AdDaptive Intelligence has brought this concept to programmatic advertising to allow brands and marketers to take advantage of the power of advertising automation and big data, while capitalizing on the human knowledge and expertise that AI can’t duplicate.