B2B ABM At Home

March 17, 2020 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Amidst the flurry of worry and confusion around Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is only natural for advertisers to wonder how their B2B campaigns will continue to perform as increasingly more companies move operations remotely across the United States.

AdDaptive’s B2B ad campaigns can be expected to continue running as previously planned. For campaigns that began with an ABM list or a certain firmographic business profile, AdDaptive’s technology has already identified the office locations of each company (on the list of intended accounts) then matched this information to the business IP addresses at those locations. Because devices used at businesses have unique, B2B, digital identifiers, these business device IDs will stay defined to their business IP addresses regardless of location. This results in our solution serving the appropriate ad to the intended business influencer on the devices originally used at his or her office (without gathering any personally identifiable information).

For companies that are continuing to operate in-person in their corporate offices, these ads will continue to be delivered to the intended recipients.

Despite how people log onto their business networks, using a VPN or not, we are still able to reach the same business roles. Imagine that we’re expanding the corporate office to include millions of newly formed home offices: That’s how our B2B ABM at Home solution works.

For companies that are allowing remote work in order to mitigate the contraction and spread of Coronavirus, AdDaptive’s solution encompasses B2B ABM at Home. The same employees that have had ads delivered to them on their business devices in the office will now move their work to their houses and other remote locations. Because our technology is intelligent enough to stitch together the way someone sees an ad at work to the devices and avenues used to deliver that ad, we can still deliver ads to that user on their work laptop and resolve impressions back to the originating business.

The main point is that our technology is capable of connecting the business IP address to the business device, which has a device ID that is maintained regardless of where the employee is – in the office or at home. Identifying the business IP address in the first place and matching it to a business device ID enables ads to be delivered to the intended employees regardless of location, if they continue to use the same business device they typically use at work. This also means our B2B analytics should continue uninterrupted, since we will still be able to report back on the impressions delivered to the devices tied to the advertiser’s intended companies.

Check out our one-sheet for an infographic depicting the process graphically:


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