Building Successful Native Creatives

BY AdDaptive Intelligence

Native advertising allows your brand’s creatives to serve in an environment that is integrated within the inventory of a publisher’s site, creating a more natural ad experience for your target audience. For your native ads to be eligible to serve on all available inventory, include these six items:

1) Icon

Including an Icon in your native creatives will allow it to serve on more inventory as many sources require this feature.

2) Title

Keep this short and sweet! Titles under 30 characters will be eligible to serve on the most available inventory. Anything over 30 characters will limit the number of sites that your creatives can run on!

3) Image

Choose an image that reflects the content of the ad and is compelling to your target audience. Also, do not crop this image! The image will be automatically cropped to best fit the environment in which it is serving in. While one image is required, we recommend including an additional, smaller image file so your ads may run on mobile-optimized inventory.

4) Body text

Keeping the body text under 140 characters will allow it to serve on the most open inventory. Although the maximum character limit is 300, it is not recommended to utilize the maximum characters as the amount of open inventory will be severely limited.

5) Sponsored by

A native creative will not pass audit without this field filled out, so include what advertiser is sponsoring the post.

6) Call-to-action

Including a call-to-action in your creative will increase the amount of inventory that your creative can serve on. Common call-to-actions include Click Here or Learn More.