Display Advertising One-Sheet

May 30, 2019 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Download AdDaptive’s one-sheet to learn more about the role display advertising can play in your overall B2B digital marketing strategy

Display advertising is an integral element of any successful B2B marketing strategy. Deploying an effective advertising campaign is two-fold, in that the brand or agency must develop creatives they believe will resonate with their target audience, and then they must partner with an experienced tech vendor, who they can trust to deploy their digital advertisements to key accounts. But an eye-catching creative isn’t the only determining factor of the ad campaign’s success: The company you work with to power the delivery of your ads to your intended audience can bring you success, analytics, and optimization – if you choose wisely.

When choosing a technology partner to deploy your B2B display ads, consider the scale you are looking to achieve, the level of insight you need from post-campaign reporting, and the accuracy the company can provide in building custom audience segments. Evaluate the success the company has had with previous display campaigns and discuss how your partnership can help make the most of your advertising budget while fueling future campaign strategies. Look for companies with avid account management teams that are focused on optimizing your campaigns around the clock. If you’re convinced B2B advertising can’t provide insightful analytics or that B2B targeting can’t be done with specificity at scale, you haven’t found the right partner yet. AdDaptive is here to show you all of that – and more – is fully attainable and is at the heart of what we do for our customers every day.

Learn about the benefits of powering your display advertisements with AdDaptive in the free PDF below.


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