Empower Your Employees To Become Successful

January 04, 2016 |
Addaptive Intelligence

A big thanks to Carol Roth for highlighting a little of what we’re about at AdDaptive. We hope you are as excited for 2016 as we are!

Here is Kevin O’Malley’s outlook which has always provided a motivational environment for AdDaptive employees:

Delegate & Help Others Succeed

“Many small business owners are control freaks that have a tough time letting go. When running a business, this is an absolute track to failure. There is not enough time in the day for owners to have their hands in all aspects of the business. The best way to run a successful business is to empower your employees to become successful. Recruit and train smart, motivated employees and give them the autonomy to get the job done. Your employees will flourish and so will your business.”


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