Programmatic Continues To Fuel The B2B Digital Advertising Market’s Growth

March 06, 2019 |
Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

AdDaptive’s comprehensive package fills the market gap and offers a differentiated ad tech solution that keeps it ahead of the market

As highlighted in a recent LinkedIn article supported by data from a new eMarketer report, the U.S. B2B digital advertising industry is trending upward and has not yet reached its peak of maturity. Similar to its $1 million growth in 2018, the market is projected to grow 18.7% in 2019, surpassing $6 billion. The growth is attributed to four areas: account-based marketing, people-based marketing, personalized content sequencing, and programmatic.

Many companies in the industry are not able to leverage all of the areas contributing to that growth. In many cases, it wouldn’t make sense for them to do so. Strategic management would have it that in order to identify which core competencies could be exploited to provide a competitive advantage, a company needs to first evaluate its internal resources and capabilities, determine which are valuable, rare, costly to imitate, and organized around its exploitation (per the VRIO test). Many companies in the B2B digital advertising industry are already leveraging their capabilities as effectively as they are able, and new entrants are hoping to capture market share by providing focused products – point solutions, software, or data. A company might have an excellent ABM solution, an edge on people-based marketing, a superior personalized content sequencing offering, or relationships and technology that position them to provide programmatic advertising that yields favorable results. But few companies are able to offer the total package, as is evident in the aforementioned analysis of the market. The eMarketer report found that many B2B marketers “still lack the foundational data and technology to successfully leverage digital”; LinkedIn adds that “B2B marketers as a group have not yet fully embraced the powerful targeting options offered by digital.” The market will continue to grow and evolve; in the meantime, this is a market gap that industry leaders are working to fill and provide consumers with a well-rounded solution that they cannot find elsewhere.

As one of the early adopters in this market, we’re proud to learn that programmatic advertising is continuing to propel the growth of B2B digital. We’re also proud that we have matured over the past few years in our constant technological innovation, and as a result, we have more to offer than just one of the pillars of growth for our market. We don’t only offer a narrowly focused solution, which may require marketers to go elsewhere and create a network of vendors to get the best of each of their offerings. An easier route for advertisers would be to find one company that offers the most comprehensive package and can yield superior targeting and analytics. That company is AdDaptive.

AdDaptive offers differentiated technology, a unique data set, and world-class service and expertise. We are well-positioned to outpace the growth of the market and solidify ourselves as a leader in the B2B advertising world. If you’re interested in getting an edge up on your competitors, set up a free demo to experience the power of our technology firsthand and explore how our solution can help you reach your marketing goals.