Discover Transparency in B2B Ad Tech

BY Laura Bakopolus Goldstone

Can you name the specific business professionals that see your ads in terms of their companies, titles, and locations? Unfortunately, the answer is probably “no.” The norm in ad tech today is for a company to say, “Yes, we served your ads as planned.” And that’s it.

But that shouldn’t be it. It’s time to care a little bit more about transparency in ad tech.

Feedback across the entire ad tech industry dictates that marketers and advertisers would like a better sense of targeting clarity. They want to see tangible results to justify their budget spend, particularly at a time when competition is high and every dollar matters. The industry as it stands right now has a standard where companies provide a list of the sites where your ads are placed, but that may not be the right metric. Especially in a B2B environment where companies are wise to leverage account-based marketing, companies are more relevant metrics than sites.

Previously, data captured how many times someone saw an ad on a site, but the ad wasn’t necessarily relevant to that person. Without being part of a more comprehensive strategy, the third-party cookie data could only interpret that a person on a certain site should be seeing a certain ad based on their visit to that site. But that data was not accurate. So even though an ad was shown to someone, adding to the total tally, the ad was not shown to a person who cared enough about it to take action. As a result, the ad was viewed, but that view was not high quality, since it didn’t represent someone interested in engaging with your content.

Transparency For marketers who care about analytics, getting narrower and narrower is key. Instead of seeing a list of websites where your ads were placed and not knowing where on the site they were featured or who visited that site to view them, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could see a list of the actual companies targeted, the number of impressions each company saw, and the firmographic data around each company?

That’s why AdDaptive rolled out a new business analytics report. We can now list out all the companies we targeted on your behalf. Our approach is more accurate than anywhere else in the industry and shows the ads to the right people based on their behaviors and preferences. Then, post-campaign, instead of simply stating that the ads were served, we can provide you with proof that key influencers at companies that matter to your business strategy saw your ad.



Example: Page 1 and 2 of AdDaptive’s pre-campaign analytics report for a sample target audience.

Our new business analytics report is revolutionizing ad reporting by increasing transparency and taking the guesswork out of advertising. It’s proactive, it’s tangible, and it’s relevant. We know how important transparency is to you, so we developed this capability to illustrate how accurate our technology is and how specific our targeting can be – in turn showing you exactly who is seeing your ads and where your money is going.

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