Evolving digital advertising for the cookieless future.

Connect the dots from ads to revenue more clearly than ever before.

AdDaptive’s proprietary technology connects validated offline data with unique online identifiers for smarter digital advertising in an ever-changing ecosystem.


How advertisers are leveraging offline data and transparent reporting

Our Platform

Strategically optimize your audience, campaign, and insights for smarter digital advertising


Optimize your analytics.

Inform data-driven decisions on your digital advertising campaigns to drive better business outcomes with multi-point cookieless attribution.

Optimize your audience.

Activate first-party data or build audience segments using household or business data. Target the hardest-to-reach audiences accurately at scale.

Optimize your campaign.

Through objective-based media activation or distribution, your campaign is strategized around, launched (either by our team or by yours), and optimized in real-time for the best advertising outcomes.


Deploy Across the Media Landscape

Explore the best media mix for each campaign to align audience preferences with campaign KPIs, advertising needs, and internal resources to yield the best results.


Run your animated ad or basic image


Use native ads to amplify content where your audience is already engaged


Draw attention dynamically with pre, mid, and post-roll


Leverage internet and streaming TV formats for digital engagement


Stream highly targeted audio ads where users are actively listening

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Start effectively targeting your key audiences today by leveraging offline and online data, intelligent technology, and unrivaled analytics to reach the key accounts that matter most to your business goals. Discover how AdDaptive’s unique solution can help your company achieve digital advertising success:

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