Accelerate B2B Sales With Actionable Analytics

March 30, 2022 |
Matt Shore

Some say “good things come to those who wait,” but this isn’t necessarily true for sales. With an extremely long buying process, it’s easy for potential B2B customers to get lost in the funnel. Thankfully, precise analytics with actionable insights from AdDaptive have the ability to help you push prospects through the funnel and accelerate your sales pipeline.

Once your audience has been defined – either through uploading your own ABM list, building an account list with AdDaptive’s Platform, or using Campaign Analytics from your previous campaign – your ad campaign can deploy and run its course with real-time optimization along the way. Next, AdDaptive’s expert accounts team will deliver the Site Analytics report which includes a list of warm accounts who saw your ads and engaged with your website as a result. Through the report and strategic conversation with the accounts team, you will be able to understand where these accounts are in their buyer journey.

Now… prepare for acceleration. 

With this information you can serve prospects the relevant content they need and turn their long and tedious research process into an efficient and effective experience. Sharing this information with your sales department also allows sales reps to have more personalized, human conversations with prospective buyers.

When you receive the Site Analytics report, you also have the opportunity to filter the warm accounts based on their level of engagement and create a new ABM list for retargeting. This allows you to reach more highly qualified prospects quickly and accurately. There’s no need to leave an interested account out in the cold when you can capture their interest as soon as possible.

The B2B buying process has been historically long, but it doesn’t have to be. With precise analytics complete with actionable insights, more highly qualified accounts can move through your funnel faster resulting in more return on ad spend. That’s the AdDaptive advantage.



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