Digiday Media Buying Summit April 2022 Recap

April 25, 2022 |
Matt Shore

Since spring weather in New England is known to be temperamental, AdDaptive was thrilled to travel to the Digiday Media Buying Summit in Palm Springs April 5-7. We love attending every year and presenting in front of our peers while our on-site sales executives were able to engage in meaningful discussions with folks around the industry. It was great to get a pulse on what topics the market is focused on. Here are a few highlights.

How Analytics Inspire Strong Vendor Selection

When choosing an AdTech vendor to partner with, analytics capabilities should be top of mind. This concept was discussed in our VP of Sales Ted McNulty’s presentation at the summit as well as in our recent Digiday byline. Many vendors offer targeting solutions, but the differentiating factor is the insights you receive during and after your campaign. AdDaptive provides actionable insights that identify which accounts are interacting with your site through your ad campaign and where they are in the buying process. This allows you to alert your sales team to these accounts so they can have the personalized conversations needed to move prospects through the funnel. You can also directly tie account engagement back to your ad campaign to prove return on ad spend as well as build more precise segments with every campaign iteration. The use of analytics in B2B advertising was a trending theme at the conference and will continue to drive conversations and product enhancements across the industry for the foreseeable future.

A Fast-Approaching Cookieless Future

As the depreciation of third-party cookies looms closer and more alternatives are tested, many people at Digiday spent time discussing the future of B2B targeting. While many rush to accommodate the change, AdDaptive is continuing our usual cookieless targeting methods that not only abide by privacy laws but also can accommodate clients whether they bring their own first-party data, need to build an audience with our platform, or are utilizing their analytics and ABM insights from a previous campaign.

Meeting Clients’ Audience Goals

Agencies discussed being pulled in two directions by being asked to only target within a client’s core audience while also being asked to grow the core audience and reach new people. Creating a balance between these two competing priorities is made much simpler with access to insightful analytics and a strategic team to discuss next steps with. Being able to identify accounts engaging with your website as a result of your ad campaigns and determine how far along they are in the buying process opens the door for more strategic conversations around informed targeting for future campaigns. Now instead of being pulled in two directions, agencies can tackle both sides with ease.

The Growing Nature of B2B CTV

CTV ads were also a hot topic during the conference. More brands and agencies are looking into expanding their multi-channel campaigns to include B2B CTV in order to reach prospects in the work-from-home environment. Since CTV is a relatively new method in the B2B space, the reach and reporting were discussed. AdDaptive’s B2B CTV solutions ensure your ads reach the right audience through delivery on premium CTV inventory. Some companies blend their CTV and video offerings into one while our approach is to strategically optimize them separately, access premium inventory that best applies to each creative type, and use them as individual touchpoints in the customer journey. AdDaptive’s precise, up-to-the-minute analytics complement this omnichannel offering allowing for targeting enhancement along the way.

The Digiday Media Buying Summit always proves to be an incredibly insightful experience. The “new normal” in the AdTech industry is constantly changing from targeting options being added and taken away, to newer digital advertising methods, to the changing office and employment landscape. Focusing on building strong, lasting partnerships with the ability to change and adapt to the times is crucial in the B2B advertising industry.

A partnership that evolves with the times? That’s the AdDaptive advantage.

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