Digiday Media Buying Summit 2021 Recap

November 09, 2021 |
Helen Neely

The 2021 Digiday Media Buying Summit took place October 18-20 in sunny Miami, live and in person! Small, mid-sized, and industry-leading advertising agencies and publishers were all in attendance.

Being the first in-person event in just over a year and a half, much of the focus was on the impact of COVID-19 on various aspects of the advertising business such as budgets, employee retention, and how to properly adjust marketing and advertising strategies with so many people now working from home.

Many of the conversations among attendees throughout the course of the 3-day summit revealed that the main pain point for agencies is currently the inability or struggle to in-house their advertising initiatives. Managed services are now much more popular than they were pre-pandemic, since these services help agencies reach their tight deadlines without overstretching.

“The theme of managed service vs. self-service goes deeper, more now than ever before. There was a buzz around this at Digiday: “The Great Resignation.” Employees are tired of being burnt out. The point is agencies need help to run their B2B campaigns.” – Joe Paratore, Senior Account Executive at AdDaptive Intelligence


With agencies being hit hard by the Great Resignation, the power of managed services – such as those offered by AdDaptive – are being recognized as a time-saving, strategic solution for agencies and publishers alike.

AdDaptive Intelligence sponsored the Digiday event, sending on-site industry experts to engage with attending agencies regarding their current struggles and overarching advertising strategies. While each agency has its own unique angle or approach, AdDaptive’s strategic advertising and analytics solutions are customizable to the needs of each B2B advertising agency and are also able to fill the gaps recently created by The Great Resignation. The transparency of AdDaptive’s numerous analytics offerings in particular helps agencies feel comfortable in trusting a managed service to run their campaigns and elevate their marketing strategy.

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