The ABM And Analytics Journey

November 11, 2021 |
Matt Shore

Unite Sales and Marketing with Precise Analytics

The alignment of your sales and marketing departments is crucial to success in today’s online B2B landscape, but how do you get these two teams on the same page? The answer lies in transparent analytics.

Site Analytics from AdDaptive gives you an inside look into which target accounts from your ABM list are engaging with your website via your ad campaign. The process is easy. Simply provide AdDaptive with your ABM list while we target the key B2B accounts on your list with your ads. We then return with a Campaign Analytics report showing the progress of your ad campaign, and a Site Analytics report showing which accounts saw your campaign driving them to engage with your site.

With Site Analytics you can qualify warm accounts, alert sales to outreach opportunities, and quickly move these accounts through the funnel accordingly all without waiting for form fills. You can also use this information to retarget and adjust your future campaigns for heightened accuracy.

The infographic below is a visual guide on how to unite your sales and marketing efforts in order to engage your target accounts. Explore the power of Site Analytics today!